Presenter Studio

How to Run your event and The Presenter Studio

How to run your event in the Presenter Studio in the WorkCast platform.

Now you have successfully set up your event the next thing is how will the event run/broadcast to your audience. 

Event Presentation Types

Depending upon which presentation type the event has been configured to will determine the content that will display with the Presenter Studio, and to your audience. If you need a reminder of what event types you can choose click here

The audience will view the event via the auditorium page discussed in the event set up a section while the Event Host/Producers and the presenters need to log into the WorkCast Studio

WorkCast Presenter Studio 

There are a few different ways that you can access the studio. 

1. Locate the main Events Listing page, locate the event that you wish to access, and click on the green Run Event button 

2. Another way, once you have found the event you require on the event listing page click on the event title and this will take you into the event set up area for the event in question. In the Event Experience tab. Here you can click on the green Run Event button and this will take you to the Presenter Studio

Once logged into the studio you will see a similar view to below:


The studio contains a number of different pods. Each pod can be expanded, minimized, or removed from the main section and returned to the sidebar menu where all your available pods are located. You also have the option of re-sizing all of the pods to display at your preferred size. You will most likely not use all of these at your event but can be opened and closed whenever you wish.

  • To select and open pods go to the white arrow on the right side of the studio. A menu will appear with all available pods.

  • Click any pods on the menu to open these.

  • You will need either Media Hub (Slides only/Simulive) or My Connections (Interactive) to connect the event.

  • Once you have clicked the pods, they will show as a bar. Click the + to maximize these to open fully.

  • These pods can also be moved around your screen to personalize your view and resized from the bottom right corner.

If at any point you can't find a pod that is open, click Settings and Reset Pod Positions. This brings all the open pods back to the front.

If logged in as a Producer or Host, you can keep an eye on the number of attendees currently watching and interacting. Click on Attendees and Attendee Engagement.

Presenter Audio Connections

Presenters are able to present using either webcam, microphone, or phone bridge.

    • Webcam with microphone - presenters can broadcast their webcam with webcam audio.
    • Phone -  presenters can dial into the event via specified phone bridge details. This option is often a fallback option as it does not rely on the user's own internet connection and also provides consistent audio (the presenter may not have a good quality microphone). 
    • Microphone only - a presenter is able to connect their microphone to speak during the event and also hear any other presenters on the event no matter what audio option they have chosen.

User Information (Top right of the studio)


User information is displayed in the top right of the page showing your details, user type, and audio dial-in options. 

NOTE: These details are event session-specific. The session pin and user pin will change for every new event created.

The default view for the WorkCast Studio will change depending on the event presentation stye the event has been configured to 

To view the default view if your event is configured to interactive click here

If your event is configured to the below types also click back to find guides: 

  • Slides Only Studio
  • Simulive Studio
  • Live Stream Studio (please note to run this style of event you required an add-on to the Producer+ license) 
  • On-Demand Studio