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This article will take you through how to use polls in your online event.

What are Polls?

Polls are a function within the WorkCast Platform that allows the event organizer or presenter to ask the audience questions during a webinar.

The polls are pushed out from the WorkCast Studio and appear within the auditorium while audiences are watching live events.

They can act as a way of:

  • Assessing the audience
  • Encouraging audiences to interact with the session
  • Gathering opinions about the webinar content

Prior to using polls, you must have added them to your event via the event set up area, if you need to do this click here

Using Polls During Live Events

To use Polls during your live event you must ensure the Event Polls pod is displayed within the WorkCast Studio.

To enable this, click the white arrow to the right of the Studio and select Event Polls from the list.
The event polls pod will be added to your main studio page view. Expand the pod to see the content.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 09.59.06-1

To ask a poll question, once an event is broadcasting, you can navigate to the Event Polls pod, select which question to push out to your audience, and click the Ask button.

Push out polls during the event
  • Open the Polls pod from the right-hand side arrow menu and maximize this to enlarge this.

  • You will see all uploaded polls and arrows to move between these.

  • To push put a poll to the audience click Ask poll to audience.

  • You will be asked whether you want to Proceed to ask this question to the audience.

  • The poll will then pop up in the auditorium for the audience to answer.

Please note the following:

  • Polls can be sent out at any time and not just when broadcasting.

  • Polls may not be seen when an audience member on fullscreen mode (this needs to be altered on their template)

  • The polls only disappear when answered or Cancel clicked.

  • If you go to push out the poll again you will see a message to confirm when this was pushed out previously.

  • You can click Gather Poll Results to see the results answered so far.

  • The poll can be closed by clicking End or keep the poll open by clicking Continue.

  • The results will show as a pie chart if people have answered.

Note: If the poll is set as a Text Field this will not show a pie chart and details will on the event reporting.

If someone else pushed out the poll, you can see the results by minimizing and maximizing the Polls pod.

  • Click Publish Results to Audience to share the results with the audience and shows a pop-up window.

Note: This is optional and all results will be on the event reporting whether shared with the audience or not.

How Polls Are Viewed During Live Events By the Audience

When you push a poll out within the presenter studio (Instructions above), below is how the audience sees the poll.


When you then gather the poll results and publish the poll results, below is how the audience sees the results.


Please note: The audience must have pop-ups enabled on their browser, and not be in full-screen mode whilst watching the presentation to ensure the polls appear for them.