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Integration Overview

WorkCast has an advanced data mapping engine that allows us to integrate your online events with your Marketing/Sales Platform. Data including standard and custom registration form field content can be pushed directly into your platform. Event attendance data including the time your audience members have viewed media, Q&A, and any poll questions can also be pushed into your platform. This ensures you are keeping all of your marketing/sales data in one single place. If you would prefer to use your own registration form and have just the event attendance data push to your platform you can also do that without the need for a WorkCast registration form.

Integrating your WorkCast Event

Once logged into your WorkCast account you can connect directly to your Marketing/Sales Platform and manage all your event connections.

Please see our guides below:

By default, standard registration and attendance data are mapped at an account level. To view the full list of available standard mappings for your integration please click here. You have the option of clicking Add Mapping to view additional registration and attendance data options available (Custom mappings are applicable for, Eloqua, HubSpot, and Pardot. Standard mappings only for Marketo and Salesforce).

Using your own event registration forms

You can create your own registration form in your marketing platform and push the registration against a WorkCast event. This option keeps all registration data within your Marketing Platform but allows you to still configure the event attendance information within the integration page. Salesforce does not have an option to create a registration form.

  1. Eloqua Form
  2. HubSpot Form
  3. Marketo Form
  4. Pardot Form