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Classic Studio - Simulive

The Classic Studio, when configured to Simulive , allows you to attach pre-recorded media to your event and have this play out automatically to your attendees at a scheduled time as if live.

To understand more about the Simulive presentation type please click here 

Quick links 

What does the Simulive Studio look like? 

Media Hub pod

Other Studio pods available

Custom Similive - Live Q and A 

What does the Simulive studio look like? 

When you first login to the Classic studio, the Media Hub pod will be available and loaded into the Present tab with the Pod Menu located to the left of the screen.

We recommend you toggle the Presenter Only Chat pod in view to communicate with all presenters available in the studio. 

Studio basics

To the top of the WorkCast studio you will find: 

  • Event Title
  • Date/Time of the event 
  • Event Session details

As a Producer you can also keep an eye on the number of attendees currently watching and interacting. Click on Attendees and Attendee Engagement.

You can access our useful Insite Knowledge base directly from the studio by clicking on ? and Support. Here you can locate articles to help with troubleshooting and best practices. 

Using the Settings icon you can reset the position of your studio bods and Log out of the studio. 

Media Hub pod

The Media Hub is the main presenting pod in the Classic WorkCast studio. This is where your pre-loaded media will appear at time of broadcast.  

There are three tabs available but for a standard Simulive event you'd use only two: 

Present tab

This is where you/your presenters can view the preloaded media attached to the event. 

Prior to the event you will see a red bar under the media window with a Preview button available. This button allows you to test your uploaded media to ensure this will play out as expected. 

Once in preview mode, if you wish to listen to the audio within the studio click the test event audio button.

Once you are finished previewing please click the stop button.  

Please note: the media will broadcast in the Media Hub and on the event Auditorium page. For this reason we recommend locking your Auditorium temporarily until you have completed the preview process. To do this, visit the Auditorium Interactions pod within the WorkCast Studio. 

Be sure to unlock the Auditorium once complete so viewers can access the page on the broadcast date

Please note: Locking an Auditorium will not work if you are embedding your media into HubSpot or your own website. Please bear this in mind when previewing the media on embedded events.

At the time of the event - the preview button will disappear from red bar under the media window roughly 1.5 hours prior to the scheduled start time and instead you will see a countdown to the broadcast. 

One minute prior to the broadcast a Join button will appear. This allows you to view the media from the studio without logging into the auditorium. 

Please note, to hear the audio you will need to click Test Event Audio. 

Session Content tab

Here you can change the media attached to an event if needed. 

Please note the MP4 must already be uploaded and available within your account to use this function. To understand how to upload media please click here

We recommend you change the media no later than 30 minutes prior to broadcast.

Other Studio pods available

To the left of the screen you will find the Pod menu, this can be Shown or Hidden at any time. 


In this menu you will find: 

To activate a pod from this menu click the toggle to change this to green and then the + on the pod to expand. 

Engagement wall (if selected) will show to the bottom right of the screen. 

Custom Similive - Live Q and A: 

Note: In order to have a Live element to your Simulive event where presenters connect and speak to attendees (i.e answer questions) the media uploaded and attached to the event MUST be extended to accommodate this. Click here to find out more (Link to Simulive document) 

The reason for this is that Simulive events Broadcast automatically at the scheduled start time of the event and automatically end when the attached media has played in full. 

i.e if your media is 45 minutes long and you’d like a Live Q and A for 15 minutes the total media duration would need to be 1 hour. 

Connecting to the audio bridge

To connect and speak during the live portion of the Simulive event, within the Media Hub pod click into My Connections tab.

  1. Connect - To connect to the audio bridge click this, you will be heard by all other presenters who are connected and the attendees when broadcasting. 
  2. Mute - Click this to mute / unmute your microphone. 
  3. Here you can see who is available in the studio and their connection status. Mic will show Connected for all who have connected their audio. 
  4. Dial in - If you / your presenters are unable to connect your device’s microphone you are able to dial into the audio bridge using the numbers provided. 

NOTE: These details are event session-specific. The session pin and user pin will change for every new event created.