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How to upload media to your WorkCast Account.

What is Media? 

Media is a term we, here at WorkCast, use for recorded mp4 videos. These can be used for playback in the Interactive studio or to attach to Simulive or On demand events.

WorkCast Media requirements

The WorkCast Platform accepts.mp4 file formatting for upload only. For this to be successfully uploaded and used within the platform please use the following settings.

  • Video no more than 750 mbps
  • mp4 h.264 using profile "Baseline"
  • Video frame rate 25 (FPS)
  • Audio no more than 128kbps
  • AAC audio profile
  • Audio Sample Rate 44100/48000
  • MP4 must be more than 1 minute in length but no longer than 3 hours in length

Files up to 700MB can be uploaded into the WorkCast Platform. If your file is larger than this, please seek assistance from

How to upload media to your WorkCast Account

Navigate into the Media tab of your account and select upload media

Click Add File and locate the MP4 file you'd like to upload 

Once the file is chosen select the Start button to begin the upload before adding a title and Description for the media.

Once the media has loaded you will see the green load bar change to Complete and the Save Progress button will activate. Click Save progress

Your page will reload showing you the Media tab with a list of media available in your account. The media you have uploaded will show to the top of this list within 5 minutes.

Your media is now available in the account ready to attach to your Simulive / On demand event or playback in the interactive studio.