Step 3. How to use a Virtual Event Template
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Networking Lounge

Understand how to add content to your Networking room within your Virtual event

How to set-up your page content

You can add page content to show  using the following fields on the Networking Lounge event session/page:

  • Heading
  • Description 1
  • Description 2
  • Description 3

Please see the content editor page for guidance on adding your text. 

Remember: Click Save and Publish Draft

How to set-up your filter

Navigate to the Main Menu or Footer Link section in the Filters tab. Here, you can add your Networking Lounge event sessions/page. The filter you choose determines where your Networking Lounge will show. 

To add an event session/page to your filter, simply click the Plus icon, and search for your session. If you do not know the name of your event session/page, just click Search and you will see all available event sessions. Choose the Networking Lounge template. 

View this article if you are unsure how to add event sessions/pages

Remember: If you make any edits to the filters, remember to refresh filter changes!

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