Step 2. Creating a Virtual Event


This article will go through how you create and add existing presenters to your event.

The Presenter tab can be found in the Session Setup & Studio Access tab of your event. 

Here you can create and add presenters to your event, choosing what presenter information you'd like to appear on your Registration and Auditorium pages. You can also send the login details and studio access URL directly to their contact email address. 

Add Presenter

When a presenter user is first created, the details are stored within your account and can be used on multiple events. 

To add a previously configured presenter click the Add Presenter button. 

In the pop up you will see a list of previously created presenters. To the top of the pop up you will see a search bar, here you can type a presenter name to locate their user quickly. Once located, to add them to the event click the checkbox to the left of the presenter details and finally click Add Presenter. 

They will now appear in the list of presenters in the Present tab. To save the changes on the event click the green Save and blue Publish Draft buttons

Create New Presenter

To create a new presenter within your account click Create New Presenter. 

A pop up will appear to add presenter information. There are two sections to creating a new presenter

User Details 

This is basic information needed to create the presenter user.

Username: We recommend this be their first and last name with no spacing

First name: This will display in the WorkCast studio 

Last name: This will display in the WorkCast Studio 

Contact Email Address: This is the email address the login details will be sent to. This must be unique to each presenter. 

To create the user with only the user details once the above is populated scroll to the bottom of the pop up and click Save. 

If you create the presenter with only the user details populated they will be available within the presenter list, can receive login credentials but will not show on the published registration/auditorium pages. 

Display Details 

This information will display on your event Registration and Auditorium pages. All are optional. 

Display name: here you can add the presenter full name and any titles you’d like to display on your event pages. i.e DR

Job role


Presenter image: here you can upload an 80px X 80px headshot image of your presenter. If your image is larger than 80x80 you can resize using a free tool such as befunky. We recommend png or jpg image types.

Biography:  Tell your registrants about your presenters by adding content into the text box. You can format the text or add links using the WYSIWYG. This content box has a 4,000 character limit.

Once all display details have been added click Save in the pop up and your presenter will show in the Presenter list. 

To save the changes on the event click the green Save and blue Publish Draft buttons


Email Login Details

For your presenters to access the studio, you will need to email them their login details for the event.  This email is generated from the platform and sent to the email address listed as the contact email address. It will include a Join link, their username and a password. 

This can be done at any time before the event. By entering the presenter's email address into the Contact Email Address box, it will ensure that the login email goes direct to said presenter.

Note: You are able to send the usernames/passwords to yourself by adding your own email address into the contact email address section on each presenter user. However for studio access, each presenter MUST have a unique contact email address.

Editing Existing Presenters

To edit an existing presenter click on the Edit icon next to their details. 

A pop up with all pre populated details will appear and you can change all details but the username.

Once all edits have been made save the changes in the pop up window and finally Save and Publish Draft to apply to the event. 

Remove a Presenter

To remove a presenter from an event click the X to the right of their presenter details. 

Once removed from the list click Save and Publish Draft to apply the changes to the event.