Best Practice and Studio Troubleshooting
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Interactive Best Practice for Event Coordinators and Presenters

If you are reading this, that means you are ready to present some engaging content to your target audience and we are here to help. Read on for a few tips to ensure the smooth running of your online event.

Best practice for Producers and Hosts

  • Recommend use of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or the most up to date version of Edge, a strong internet connection, and turning off any VPN for your presenters.

  • It is recommended that you invite your presenters to join at least 30 minutes prior to broadcast so last-minute details and sound checks can be confirmed. Feel free to also have rehearsals to go through tech aspects and content anytime prior to your event.

  • There is an option to login via phone and still be part of the conversation (You will find the details in the top right corner of the studio page. It’s good to take a note of these). It is good to recommend this as a backup if any of your presenter’s internet connection drops. If any issues connecting using a corporate network or device then please refer to our technical requirements

  • All of your presenters should be advised to join within the platform, ensure My Connections is maximized, and should automatically connect to the webcam and microphone in the My Connections pod. Be aware that their browser may ask permission for this.

  • Some points to go through with your presenters are to be aware of their background, test their sound to ensure clear (they may need to change to the headset if not) and the controls in the studio to hide/unhide the camera, unmute/mute, etc. You can also practice with presenters that are able to share their screen (can share the whole screen/application/browser tab). If slides are being shared then these will show larger for the audience automatically with camera images down the right-hand side. If there are no slides being shared then will automatically show the tile view showing everyone connected.

  • If your presenters experience any connection issues you can direct them to Manager Video Quality in More Options.

  • If they have 2 cameras on their computer and the studio is showing the incorrect one then they can resolve this in More Actions and Settings in the camera dropdown.

  • There is a Start Broadcast button on the top bar to start the broadcast of your event.

  • There is no visual countdown but you will hear a voiceover to confirm that "live streaming is on." You will be live around 10 seconds after this voiceover.

  • During the live event for yourself, you can remain on mute and hidden unless talking on the webinar. This gives you a chance to monitor questions, polls, auditorium views, etc.

  • The default view is a tile view of all presenters unless a screen is being shared which will show larger on the screen unless custom Follow Me settings are used.

  • When your speakers have finished, press the Stop Broadcast button. Check all clear before coming back to your presenters.

  • About 15 minutes after the webinar the recorded media will appear in the Media tab of your account. The on-demand should then be available to create and publish.

Note: As a moderator (the first one logged into the session) you will have a small star next to your user icon. This means that you can mute someone if needed as well as activate Everyone follows me in the More Options > Settings section. This means that the audience view will show as whatever you have clicked. Be aware that you need to be a moderator for this to work. You can also make someone else a moderator.

Best practice for presenters

  • We would recommend checking your connection and can log in any time prior to the event once you have your logins.

  • The WorkCast Platform works best with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or the most up to date version of Edge, so login with one of these where possible.

  • It is also recommended that any unneeded applications, notifications are closed on your computer during the webinar.

  • If possible use a wired connection or a strong connection as it will take a lot of bandwidth. We would also recommend disconnecting from any VPN during this time.

  • If you experience connection issues with your internet, you can log in via phone and still be part of the conversation (You will find the details in the top right corner of the studio page. It’s good to take a note of these).

  • In the studio, you should see My Connections, ensure this is maximized with the + icon. Your browser may prompt you for permissions for webcam and microphone.

  • You should see icons at the bottom of My Connections to hide/show webcam and mute/unmute your microphone.

  • You will also see a tv icon that will allow you to share your screen (it gives you the options of sharing a screen, an application, or a browser tab). You can use this to share your screen for any slides or demo during your webinar.

  • As using a webcam, remember to be aware of your background, lighting, and any background noise.

  • When no slides are being shared, the default screen will show a tile view of everyone logged in.

  • If you need further pods open during your webinar (your producer or host will let you know), you can find them on the right-hand side where you will see a black square with a white arrow. This will give you a menu of other available pods for your event. Presenter Only Chat and Attendee Questions are the most likely pods you will need. You can drag these around your page and resize them from the bottom right-hand corner of the pods to customize your event view.

  • For your event, your event producer will ask you to log in and join 30 minutes prior (or earlier) to the event time - this is to ensure everyone is connected and sounding clear for your event.

  • It is recommended that you mute yourself if not speaking to reduce background noise on the event, as well as ensuring other devices are on silent to reduce interruptions.

  • Your producer/host will give you notice and prompts to when the webinar is live.