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Webinar Technical Requirements

We’re often asked what the specific requirements are for a company or individual to present on or attend a live WorkCast event. Here’s the low-down on all things technical.

Not using a proxy server/VPN is recommended


  • VPNs are typically not designed or configured to support real-time media.

  • Connectivity to WorkCast might not be efficient due to hair-pinning traffic through a VPN device.

When it comes to WorkCast traffic over proxies, we recommend bypassing proxies. Proxies don't make WorkCast Studio more secure because the traffic is already encrypted.

And having a proxy can cause issues. Performance-related problems can be introduced to the environment through latency and packet loss. Issues such as these will result in a negative experience in such WorkCast Studio scenarios as audio and video, where real-time streams are essential.

If you need to use a proxy server
Some organisations have no option to bypass a proxy for WorkCast traffic. If that's the case for you, the problems mentioned above need to be kept in mind.
We also strongly recommends:
  • Using direct UDP based routing
  • Allowing UDP traffic

For attendees and presenters there are no WorkCast downloads or plugins required.

WorkCast Studio Access

The WorkCast Studio allows you to see a range of communication pods to interact with other presenters and attendees. If you are unable to access the Studio URL please see the details below. If you can access the WorkCast Studio, you can skip to the relevant Studio settings.  

Category Addresses Ports
Studio Page * TCP: 443 TCP: 443 TCP: 443
  * TCP: 443


Studio - Interactive Studio

The Interactive Studio allows presenters to connect via webcam and computer audio and share MP4 video and screen share presentation slides.

Addresses  Ports 


TCP: 443, 80 UDP: 10000 (Ideally) 443 (Minimum),,,

TCP: 443, 80 UDP: 10000 (Ideally) 443 (Minimum)


Studio - Classic Slides/Simu-live

Classic Slides allows for cloud based slide content to be uploaded to the platform. There are no webcams for presenters as part of the classic studio. Simulive allows for uploaded MP4 video content to be scheduled to play live at a set time.

Addresses Ports
* TCP: 443 TCP: 443 TCP: 443 TCP: 443


Onsite Live Video Stream requirement 

If you have chosen the Live Stream presentation type there will be an onsite AV team and they will be pushing their content via a vision mixer to the WorkCast platform via onsite streaming technology. The venue will need to review the below information prior to the on day live stream. 

Stream Format

Firewall TCP Ports (inbound and outbound)


RTMP (real-time messaging protocol)

All of the following:


NOTE: RTMP traffic must also be allowed through the firewall.

HLS (HTTP live streaming)



Mpeg-dash (dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP)




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