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Classic Studio - Live Stream

The Classic Studio, when configured to Live Stream, allows you / your presenters to: 

  • Receive and answer any questions your virtual viewers may submit via Attendee Questions / Engagement wall /  Attendee Chat (Legacy)

  • Push out any Poll questions you may wish your audience to answer.

  • Lock your auditorium (For stream testing) / Display a message to all / Redirect to an alternative website at the end of the event. 

The broadcast itself is controlled by your onsite AV team. 

What does the Live Stream studio look like? 

When you first login to the Classic studio, the Media Hub pod and Presenter Only Chat pod will be available and in view within the studio. 

As your event is Live stream your on-site RTMP stream will bypass this pod. To remove this pod from view click the X to the top right of the pod or in the Pod Menu click the toggle. 

Studio basics

To the top of the WorkCast studio you will find: 

  • Event Title

  • Date/Time of the event 

  • Event Session details

As a Producer you can also keep an eye on the number of attendees currently watching and interacting. Click on Attendees and Attendee Engagement.

You can access our useful Insite Knowledge base directly from the studio by clicking on ? and Support. Here you can locate articles to help with troubleshooting and best practices. 

Using the Settings icon you can reset the position of your studio bods and Log out of the studio. 


Other Studio pods available

To the left of the screen you will find the Pod menu, this can be Shown or Hidden at any time. 


In this menu you will find: 

To activate a pod from this menu click the toggle to change this to green and then the + on the pod to expand. 

Engagement wall (if selected) will show to the bottom right of the screen.