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WorkCast Platform Product Updates

Last updated January 4, 2018

To make our platform better we provide regular updates to functionality, usablity and performance.  We will communicate these through email communications and our own webinars.  You can review previous updates on this page.

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January 07, 2018

  • Performance Update for Presenters in Studio - This includes a none Flash view of the Media Hub which will improve Geographical location performance of a presenters view of the stream. Benefits over Flash also include speed of transition changing for presenters.
  • Create Events Tab - A refresh with the introduction of thumbnails makes this page more visual. 
  • New Full Screen Webcams Fully Activated - A new event format where presenters can easily switch between large webcams and their slides.
  • (Producer+) Updated Attendee Chat Functionality (Studio) - Existing attendee chat functionality is updated to allow chat moderators to see total number, and the individual attendees present within an auditorium and actively start a conversation with them.
  • (Producer+) Updated Attendee Chat Functionality (Auditoriums) - A new widget within auditoriums will appear bottom right of the page and will popup when a chat moderator in the WorkCast studio actively starts a chat with an individual event attendee.
  • (Producer+) Admin Functionality - Producer+ license users will now see the introduction of the admin cog within the top right of the WorkCast Studio. This gives users access to manage integrations, event templates and account level defaults.

September 30, 2017

  • Event User Experience Update - update to event set up to allow the editing of event sessions directly within the event. This allows users to update their event pages all within a single area in the platform.
  • Reports Listing - the reporting tab in the platform now lists the events in your account and takes you directly to the report set up page for your event.

July 28, 2017

  • Update to Webcam Functionality - adding the ability for presenters to mute their microphone but stay on camera. Also the ability to turn off camera but keep microphone active to contribute to presentation.

July 8, 2017

  • Updated Test Page - this will test the user's connection for them and provide feedback and tips to enhance their viewing experience.
  • Slide Upload Enhancement - when uploading slides to an event in the Studio, they will now be attached to the session you are in, automatically.

As well as these updates, there will also be a staged roll out of the following features that you will see appearing in your account over the next few weeks.

  • Screenshare - We are adding a built in screenshare capability that will allow you to share your screen directly into the live stream.
  • Presenter Webcam - The ability to allow up to 3 presenters to use their webcams during events, which will be broadcast directly into the live event stream. 

May 13, 2017

  • Dashboard - Welcome page giving you easy access to registration data for your most recently configured events
  • Platform announcements - Updated to include pop ups of new announcements to ensure you never miss any of the latest information and news about the platform
  • Enhanced event listing (Producer+) - Allows easier identification of events, their type and any details included such as date/time and communications
  • Updated event reporting (Producer+) - Report filters that can then be shared as authenticated links, allowing you to control what reporting information you share
  • Updated Media Hub* - Film strip of slides allowing a preview of the next slide within the presentation and the ability to jump to a chosen slide
  • Flash free presenter option* - The ability to choose a static image flash-free option for your presenters to see their slides content.  This can be toggled on and off by each individual presenter as required
*part of a staged roll out during week commencing 15th May, your account will be updated to include these features during that week.

March 13, 2017

  • Flash Free Audience Experience - We have implemented a non Flash stream and player within the WorkCast Platform allowing viewers to watch live events in a completely Flash free experience. This allows us to reach audiences who might otherwise be restricted in their viewing due to restrictions of their browsers, networks or firewalls.

March 6, 2017

  • Automatic Slide Video Re-encode - One of the key features of the WorkCast Platform is the ability to run videos, animations and builds within PowerPoint and have these honoured when presenting.  This feature ensures that any videos embeded in PowerPoints are able to play correctly within events by identifying videos in the slides upon upload and re-encoding these to optimum streaming settings ready for use.

February 11, 2017

  • Integrations updates - following on from the previous drop a few updates have been added for referrers, pick lists and bug fixes
  • Video in slides messaging - more prominent messaging around the loading of video in slides indicating that a video VM was loading and that this may take up to 3 minutes
  • Extended CE Report - updated and expanded report for graded polls
  • Custom reporting at event level - all extended registration fields available at event level
  • Extended reporting data update - previously extended reporting data was only displayed in the first instance, this should now appear in all rows of the report for a user
  • Event Reporting set to unique email addresses - within the event or channel reporting the main headline figures use email address as a unique identifier and therefore will only count each user once event if they have accessed or registered for different sessions across the event
  • Presenter Chat update - username updates will be carried through to the presenters chat in the studio pages rather than being set the first time a user logs in
  • MP4 upload in studio for schedule replay - if your session is set to be a schedule replay you will see media upload and choose media options in the studio session content section rather than the slides upload options
  • WorkCast audio update - presenters are now able to talk to each other on the bridge prior to the slides being started.  Presenters are also able to dial into other sessions so long as they are in the relevant account

February 4, 2017

  • Automated Registration Page Link - The ability to add the registration page link to the auditorium sign in page within the template without it needed to be updated on an event by event basis. This means any event created from the master event template can display the link back to the registration page for those who haven't registered.

January 14, 2017

  • Integrations - these are for Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot and Salesforce and are accessible through the administration area (where you can load new templates and manage registrations) or for Producer users through the settings drop down menu (where the Logout option is contained)
  • Schedule Replay Auto Polls - where polls are included in a schedule replay event these will automatically pop up at the time they are loaded into the timeline of the media used
  • Lock Slides - an update to this control that allows presenters to join the session but not move the slides
  • Post event emails for auto ondemand - when using the auto ondemand feature this is to make sure that the ondemand has actually been created before allowing the post event emails to be dispatched
  • Session Reporting Line Graph - this now stops at the current time if you view mid event, rather than showing a drop off
  • Adding MP4 content in Session Content of the studio - this will allow schedule replay events to be created in Present+ and Producer+ (with the correct master event template)
  • Producer+ Updates - some usability and formatting updates to Producer+ for further consistency
  • Channel Embed Update - channel embed does not refresh unless all the sessions are approved removing the ability to cause the code to fail
  • Audio Connected Icon in Studio - showing that your phone bridge is connected to the stream when a session is running in the Media Hub
  • Slides Loading page - when starting a session in Media Hub you now see a loading page for the full time, rather than just at the final stage
  • CPD/CPE Reporting - extended reporting available directly from the Platform to be able to more easily review graded polls
  • General Bug Fixes

August 20, 2016

  • Styling - A platform wide redesign in order to better make use of the screen real-estate as well as sharpening the look and feel of the platform.
  • Menus - As part of the styling updates a new menu has been created on the left of each of the platform pages into which the major functions have been moved, such as publish.
  • MEID - As part of an integration with the WorkCast platform and CRM or Marketing Automation systems as Managed Event ID (MEID) is required. This has now been exposed with the session page.
  • Extras Tab - This used to be called the Content tab within the session but has been updated to be called the Extras tab. This is in order to avoid confusion as to what it actually includes within the session.
  • Image Libraries - When you use an image within the platform for either a logo or splash page this is now added to an image library within your account, meaning to re-use this image you do not need to re-load it but can now choose it again from your library.
  • Account Wide Splash Image - As standard the platform will add a WorkCast splash image to your event if you do not add one yourself. However you are now able to add your own at an account level that any event in the account will default to if you do not add one at the session level.
  • On-demand Polls - As for live polls it is now possible to add ondemand polls through the session rather than having to add them to the media. This is done within the Extras tab in the session where you will see a preview of your content meaning you can add the poll to any point in the timeline of the media.
  • Presenter Audio Microphone Option - It is now possible for your presenters to use a microphone on their computer as an audio option, rather than dialling into a telephone. Your account will need to be configured to allow this new feature.
  • Audio Controls - This new pod within the WorkCast Studio presenting area will allow you see which presenters are logged in and also if they have connected their microphones.
  • Keyboard Controls for Slides - As well as using your mouse buttons to progress through your slides you are now able to also use the left and right keys on your key board or an external clicker.
  • Lock Slides - If you wish to lock your slides so the presenters cannot progress through them you can now do this. They can join a session and see the progress of the slides, as well as taking part in the presenter chat but the facility to progress through the slides will be de-activated.



April 16, 2016

  • In platform Help - Throughout the platform we have included additional help pop ups that assist you with event stage of your event set up. These can turned on and off using the "Show Help" tick box located with the tech support chat link
  • Create Events - The quick events tab has been renamed Create Events.
  • Setup/Content Tabs - Event Sessions set up has been split out into two tabs. The Set up tab contains the more advanced information which you may not amend from your Create Event Master template, and the Content contains the information relevant to your particular session, such as titles, descriptions, registration information etc.
  • Previews - When using the content tab as detailed in the point above you can now preview and changes before you make them live. Once you are happy with the updates you can then publish your draft to push the changes to the live page, without having to bring the link down.
  • Adding Polls - Polls can now be added to the event session, rather than being added into your media.
  • Media Search - It is now easier to search for media in your media tab using either the free text search box or filtering by video or slides.
  • Studio Updates - The studio has been updated to include a number of new features.
    • Title, Date and Time - These are now displayed at the top of the studio 
    • Dial in details - These are displayed in the top right of the studio page
    • Pods Menu - Unused pods can be closed and moved to the pods menu which is hidden to the right of the studio.  They can then be reopened as needed.  They can also be moved around to re-order them using drag and drop.
    • Slides Upload - Slides are now uploaded directly into the Studio using the session content pod.  Slides can either be uploaded here or selected if they have previously been added to the account
    • 16:9 Slides - Slides can be displayed in 16:9 widescreen format within the presenter Media hub, reflecting what the audience see more accurately.
    • Presenter Chat - messages in presenter chat can now be deleted
    • Clear Polls - poll data can now be cleared out so any test polls you run can be set back to zero results.
    • Attendee Questions - this functionality has now been updated so that you are reply to questions, prioritise or hide.  The functionality has been designed to work in a similar way to your email inbox.


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