Presenter Studio

Playing an MP4 file or YouTube video in the Interactive Studio

This feature allows a Host/Producer/Presenter to play an MP4 or YouTube video URL within the Interactive My Connections Studio Pod

To enhance your webinar with videos, you can use a share a video function in our platform. You can share multiple videos at any point during your webinar, with only 1 video able to be played at once. If you have pre-recorded your webinar and no live elements, consider setting the event up as a Simulive.

IMPORTANT: As moderator, you can use the Everyone Follows Me function to hide active webcam thumbnails.

Steps to play an MP4 video URL or YouTube video URL in the Interactive Studio

Key Recommendations

  • As a Producer you can upload your media to your WorkCast account via the Media tab to get the mp4 url, but an mp4 url can be from any other source.
  • When the video is playing, the microphones for all users in the studio are muted. Remember to let your presenters know in advance as they would need to unmute themselves to speak over any video playing out. Connection or bandwidth issues may impact this feature.
  • Would recommend testing the video prior to the event, along with transitions between webcam, slides and video.

  1. Copy the URL for your MP4 file or YouTube video. This could be from the Media section of your WorkCast account if you are a Producer or from another source.
  2. Once you have joined the WorkCast Studio > My Connections click the 'Share video' icon. 
  3. You can now paste in the video URL you copied earlier and click Share.
  4. The video will start to play in the main section of the studio with the webcams still showing on the right hand side, unless hidden using Everyone Follows Me. You can either use follow me function and pull the thumbnails to the side or if the speakers has a cover on their device for their webcam ensure this is set to closed. All presenters with their audio connected in the studio are automatically muted. You can pause, rewind and fast forward your video. The video should play for everyone in the studio unless anyone has any issues with bandwidth or connection. 

    BEST PRACTICE: Set expectations to your presenters around video playback. Share messages to your presenters in the Presenter Only Chat pod to when video is playing, reminders about mute and video timings to cue them in for any live elements. Please note if anyone is dialled via a telephone they will not hear the media so will need to listen out for the live audio or view messages in the presenter only chat. video-inter1

  5. Ensure you click the 'Stop Video' icon to end showing the video.



Key Recommendations if sharing a YouTube video and not an MP4 URL

  • To use a business YouTube account to obtain your video URL. This is recommended to stop any adverts playing during the video.
  • You ideally have 3-4 minutes of dead space at the end of the video. This will help eliminate YouTube's "Recommended" videos displaying at the end of the video, as you can stop the video from playing before it gets to the very end.