Presenter Studio

Playing a YouTube Video in the Interactive Studio

This feature allows a Host/Producer/Presenter to play a YouTube video URL within the Interactive My Connections Studio Pod

Key Recommendations

  • To use a business YouTube account to obtain your video URL

    • This is recommended to stop any adverts playing during the video
  • You ideally have 3-4 minutes of dead space at the end of the video
    • This will help eliminate YouTube's "Recommended" videos displaying at the end of the video, as you can stop the video from playing before it gets to the very end
  • When the video is playing all users in the studio mute their audio 

Steps to Play a YouTube Video in the Interactive Studio

      1. Go to your YouTube business account and copy the URL of the video you wish to play to the audience.
      2. Once you have joined the WorkCast Studio > My Connections click the three circles in the bottom right-hand corner. You will then see Share a YouTube video click this option.

        share a youtube video

      3. You can now paste in the YouTube URL you copied earlier and click Share.


      4. Ensure you click the Stop YouTube video to end showing the video.youtube4

      5. You will then be prompted to click Remove, ensure you click this option and the video will then be removed from view.youtube5

      6. You can share additional video's as required at any point during the presentation. Only 1 video can be playing at once.

        As a note please ensure that you have at least one webcam active while the video is playing out. If you wish for your audience not to see the webcam thumbnails you can use the follow me and hide the thumbnails