Breakout Rooms

Moderator to Attendee Video Breakout Room

A Host/Producer/Presenter can invite an attendee to join a video breakout room

Key Functionality Overview

  • Attendees can be provided a WorkCast auditorium URL to join a video breakout room by a Host/Producer or Presenter user
  • Up to 10 individuals including the moderator can join a single breakout room (please speak to your Account Manager if your require a greater number of users per breakout room)
  • Breakout meetings are not recorded or broadcast to an audience, they are intended to be a 1-2-1 private conversation but up to 10 individuals can join a single breakout room at the same time.

Attendees - How to join a Breakout Session

  • You will be provided a WorkCast Auditorium URL either through clicking a direct link from a page within an event, or through a private Q&A or Chat message from a Host/Producer or Presenter.
  • You will be asked by your browser to allow access to your webcam and microphone, then enter your name and click 'Ask to Join' the breakout.join2
  • The Moderator for the breakout session will then authorise or decline your request to join the breakout sessionmoderator1
  • Once you have been accepted into the breakout you will then be able to freely speak on camera to the moderator. featurelist
  • Features Available: (Bottom left to right)
    • Text Chat: You can type text as an alternative to speaking using your microphone
    • Screenshare: Share content with the moderator and other breakout users
    • Raise Your Hand: Notifies a blue circle within your thumbnail to let other users know you wish to speak.
    • Mute Button: Mute your microphone
    • Leave Button (red): Leave the breakout session
    • Camera Button: Show/Hide or switch between cameras if you have more than one
    • 4 Squares: toggle between views to how you see other breakout users
    • Security Tag (Green Shield): The room is set to use the lobby feature by default and standard security settings
    • 3 Circles (dots): Additional menu items:
      • User name: Your user name
      • Manage call quality: you can change the quality of your webcam if you are low on bandwidth
      • View Full Screen: Enlarge the presentation
      • Share a YouTube Video: You can add a YouTube video URL to share a video with audio.
      • Settings: Test call quality/audio settings
      • Speaker Stats: Other users details and duration for time connected
      • View Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts