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Premium Support - Managed Webinar Process

This article looks at the process of the premium supported events.

Please note: it is important you become familiar with the following processes and items. In doing so, you will become aware of what both yourself and WorkCast are individually responsible for.

The premium Support - Managed events are available to purchase with Producer+ licenses or above. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss adding this to your package.

Initial Steps

Request Your Event Date

Email with the following information:
    • Date, time, and duration of your event. We would recommend allowing at least two weeks before the event delivery date but if capacity allows we may be able to accommodate up to 72 working hours prior to the live date, however, the more in advance you book the better!  It is also advisable to book a technical rehearsal at this point and we would suggest this to be around 2 to 3 days prior to the live event date. 
    • Whether you intend on pre-recording any part of your presentation.
    • Event type.  For example, webcam/screenshare (Interactive), Slides Only, Simulive or onsite LiveStream etc. If your event is to be LiveStream, please follow our instructions on if your event is a Remotely Managed Live Stream

You will receive an automated email with a Ticket ID for your request after sending your email. WorkCast will then email you to confirm whether your event date and time is available.

IMPORTANT: If you intend to record any part of your event with WorkCast, it's a good idea to plan your pre-record session now - make sure this is part of your event process and you have plenty of time planned for reviewing and editing your content.

Customers can either have a pre-recording session or rehearsal session prior to the event taking place. All but live events will need to be accommodated during our standard support hours (UK 8am to 12am/PDT 12am to 4pm) 


Content Editor

Once your event booking is confirmed you will be given content editor access. This is an easy method of inputting all event information such as overview text, presenter information, sponsor logos, registration form fields, documents, and links. You can preview your registration and event auditorium pages as you go meaning you can ensure everything is correct before your event goes live. For more information on content editor set up click here.

Submitting Content Editor

Submit your pages to be approved by WorkCast. After approval, we will provide your final event registration and auditorium URLs within one working day. Be sure to check over your pages and let us know if you wish to make any further changes.

Event Links

You are then free to market and point people towards your registration/event URLs. You will also have access to reporting within the WorkCast platform to monitor registrations and obtain event statistics. To learn more about reporting click here

Prior to Your Event

Event Coordinator assigned

  • A WorkCast Event Coordinator is assigned to your event after your event date is confirmed. This takes place between 5 to 7 days prior to your live event date.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from your Online Event Coordinator providing an initial introduction and confirming your event date. You can then communicate directly with your assigned WorkCast Event Coordinator for your upcoming event.

Fully Live events

  • After your Event Coordinator is assigned we suggest booking a technical rehearsal, (if you have not pre-recorded your content through WorkCast already). Email with your desired rehearsal date. The Event Coordinator will then send the presenters logins directly from the platform to the speaker's email inbox

  • Login details will be provided by your WorkCast Event Coordinator 

    • Who is Responsible: Customer/WorkCast

    • The Timescales: Around 1 week prior to your event taking place

  • We recommend booking rehearsals to be delivered in at least two to three working days before the live event date to keep information fresh in presenters' minds.

Pre-recorded events

  • Customer to book in with WorkCast Event Team by emailing
    The earlier the session is booked the more likely your desired date will be available. We would suggest this to be around two weeks from the live event date but no more than one week before the live event date. This will allow time for review and editing of the media. 
  • Presenter logins can be sent directly from the platform to the speaker's email inbox 
    • Responsible: Customer/WorkCast
    • Timescales: Booked with event requests where possible at least two weeks before the event date to allow for reviewing and editing.

Edited media is sent three working days after the recording session for the customer to review. Pre-records can be carried out up to 3 working days before the live event date, however, please note this would give no time for editing and updates; recording must be of final content and run 'as live'.

Slides, media, polls, pre-prepared questions, and attachments

  • The final version of slides/media sent to WorkCast along with any required polls, pre-prepared questions, and attachments. Please note that if your event is Interactive then the speakers will share their slides/presentations directly from their personal device.
  • These will be loaded into the Platform by WorkCast ready for the event.
    • Responsible: Customer/WorkCast
    • Timescales: At least two working days prior to the live event or recording session.

Reminder emails dispatched to registrants

  • Registrants will be sent event reminders.
    • Responsible: WorkCast
    • Timescales: 24 hour and 1 hour reminders unless specified otherwise by the customer.

Event Day

  • WorkCast will meet presenters online in the WorkCast Studio via webcam or audio bridge 30 minutes before the start time of the live event.
    • Responsible: WorkCast/Customer


On-Demand session created

  • Event pages will be updated to include the recorded version of the webinar.
  • Your event URLs will not change.
    • Responsible: WorkCast
    • Timescales: Within one working day of the event.

Post-event emails (if required)

  • Post-event emails can be dispatched to both attended and non-attended registrants of your event.
    • Responsible: WorkCast
    • Timescales: Dispatch upon receipt of approval from the Customer.