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Adding Resources (Documents & Links)

This article will go through how you can add resource materials to your event and what type of documents you can upload.

What are Resources?

This is where you can add documents and links to your event, which will show in the Resources tab on your Event Auditorium page and can be accessed by your attendees. 

Types of documents/links accepted:

  • Word Documents (. doc or . docx)
  • Portable File Documents (PDF)
  • Spreadsheet (. xls or . xlsx)
  • PowerPoint (. ppt or . pptx)
  • JPEG/PNG images
  • MP4 (must be an MP4 URL, you cannot directly upload an MP4 file into the documents & links section)
  • Web URL's

How do I add them? 

Within the Session Setup & Studio Access section of your event navigate to the Features tab and scroll to Resources.  

Click Add to add a new resource. You can then chose if this will be a Document (Uploaded from your device)  or a Link (URL) 

Important Notes:

  • Ensure there is no spaces or special characters in the document file name before uploading. (You can have spaces/special characters in the Title and Description
  • Once you have pressed save, it will begin to generate a shared URL. You will see: URL generating, check back soon! This can take around 5 minutes to generate.
  • Once the URL has generated this is how it will look in the back end of the platform.

You can then scroll back to the top of features. Save bar and  Publish Draft to make this available on the Live auditorium.

Below is how it will look on the live page (Template depending)


Your event build is almost complete! Next steps... Adding a secondary logo