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Uploading a Secondary Logo

This article will go through how you can upload a secondary/sponsor logo to your event.

Logo Upload

First, you would need to click into your Event within the platform > Event Experience > Extras 

Then, scroll down to the Logo Upload section

This is where you can add a secondary logo to your event, which will show on the following pages:

  • Registration page
  • Register thanks page
  • Auditorium Page
  • Confirmation/Reminder/Post emails

Note: Your company Logo is usually hardcoded into the template, so this Logo Upload section is for a secondary logo, such as a sponsor logo.

The Logo Link URL is what you would like your secondary logo to link to, so this is usually where you enter the sponsors company website URL. 

This will link on the Registration page, Register Thanks page and Auditorium event page. No logos  urls will link on the Confirmation/Reminder/Post emails.

Sizing: Recommended at 250 pixels in width, and no more than 150 pixels in height

File type: JPEG / PNG / GIF

To view an example click here 


Next steps on finalizing the build of your event.. Uploading a splash image (Media holding image)