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Different presentation types and how to choose them

Learn how to select the presentation type that will best suit your online event

Different Presentation types

Interactive - 

Webcam / screen share with mp4 video playback (Type 1)

The Interactive presentation type solution allows you to combine multiple webcams with screenshare.

  • Presenters join via webcam but can also join with a soft mic or a telephone if required.
  • The presenters can show any content from their device via the screenshare option so this can include PowerPoint slides, software applications, and videos for example.
  • Multiple presenters can join and appear in a tile-based format.
  • For more information on how to run Interactive events, click here


    Simulive - fully recorded video playback (Type 2)

    The WorkCast Platform, as well as running live events, also allows you to run simulive events. These events use pre-recorded media to play out to the audience at a specific date/time. As such, they are set up as though they are a live event but without the need for any interaction at the point of the broadcast from the event organizer or presenters. 

    • You would upload an MP4 file to the event to be pushed out as simulive
    • The event starts automatically at the scheduled time and plays out media in full.
    • Still allows for real-time audience interaction. For example, ask a question/participant chat/polls
    • For more information on how to run simulive events, click here

    Slides only

    Cloud slides with live audio - optional embedded video (Type 3)

    The Slides only presentation type would be used if you only want the audience to be able to see your slides, and hear you. There is no webcam functionality.

    • PowerPoint Slides are uploaded to the platform and streamed from the cloud.
    • Any presenters or Host/Producer logged in can move the slides.
    • Slides can include an embedded video with sound
    • Presenters can connect via microphone or telephone - no webcam option
    • For more information on how to run slides only events, click here

    Live Stream 

    There are a number of variations:

    Remote live stream event (Type 4) 

    Hybrid Event (with online elements WC rep onsite) (Type 5)

    RTMP stream from 3rd Party e.g Zoom/LinkedIn/Facebook (Type 6)

    Live Stream is where there is a professional audio/visual production team at a physical venue. The WorkCast platform can be configured to take the stream from the visual and AV mixing hardware and be pushed out via our platform.

    • A compatible streaming encoder and specific venue network requirements must be in place. 
    • You must have purchased the additional add on to enable full account functionality - Please speak to your Account Manager if not in place. 
    • Still allows for real-time audience interaction. For example, ask a question/participant chat/polls
    • For more information on the requirements needed to run a live-streamed event, click here

    Choosing Presentation type

    You are able to choose your presentation type when you first create your event, or if you're unsure, you can go back at any time before your event is due to take place and set the event type.

    When creating the event

    If you know what presentation type you require when you are first creating your event, then you'll see within the pop-up on the second page after you've added your Title, Date, Time, etc. 


    • Present+ do not have access to Simulive or Live Stream
    • Live Stream is only enabled upon request/need. Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information

    Once the event is built

    You are able to choose your presentation type/change your presentation type after you have built your event.

    In the Session Setup & Studio Access tab, you will see Presentation Type.  At any point you can choose which one you require.

    Once selected, the green save bar will appear for you to save.

    Then the blue bar will appear for you to publish draft.


    Is your event build complete? Now let's take a look at emails! (Producer+ and above licenses only)