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Create a Live Stream event

ote: To use this presentation type you are required to purchase a Live Stream add-on. Contact your Account manager if you’d like to know more. 

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What is a Live Stream Event?

How to create a Live Stream Event

Configuring the stream for your event

Adding Polls to your Live Stream event

What is a Live Stream event?

A Live Stream event is a Workcast presentation type which allows for an external stream to be viewed by an online audience. This could be from a third-party application or from a professional audio/visual production equipment. This type of event is typically used for Hybrid events where there is also a live audience. 

How to create a Live stream event 

Within your account navigate to the Create Events tab and choose the event template you’d like to use. 

In the pop up enter the event title, the date of the event, the time you’d like it to start and the duration before finally the timezone. On the next page choose Live Stream as your presentation type. 

When the event is created the page will reload to the below ready for you to add in your content. 


For help adding content to your registration and auditorium pages and more please click here


Configuring the stream for your event

If you have a Live Stream add-on within your account, the WorkCast team will: 

  • Provide you with the RTMP stream details to use with your third party encoder. 

  • Create and set up applications in our Wowza Server

  • Create Media within your account ready to use on your events. (This typically will be labelled as Company Name  Primary Stream but not always)

If you don’t have these details, please reach out to us at support@workcast.com

In the Session Setup & Studio Access tab, navigate to the Live Stream tab and select Choose Existing

Within the pop up window click the Search button. You’ll then see a list of all available streams within your account. Please select your primary/main stream from the list and click Add Selected.

You have now attached the stream media to the event.

Now your media is configured, you'll want to do a Test Stream for a guide click here 

Note: Should you need to set the stream to be the backup please repeat the above steps but search for the word Backup. 

Adding Polls to your Live Stream event

Poll questions, when attached to a Live Stream event are associated with the stream/media attached to the event and not the overall event itself. 

Should you update Poll questions on one event which the stream/media is attached to, these will apply to all other events with the same stream/media attached. 

Should you change the stream/media attached to the event the Poll questions will disappear.