Running a Technical Test/Rehearsal
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  3. Running a Technical Test/Rehearsal

Testing a Live Stream Event

This article will take you through best practice when testing the configuration of a Live Stream Event

Once you have configured your media and set up any physical onsite hardware you'll want to do a Test Stream.

Firstly, lock the event in the WorkCast studio. This is accessed by pressing the RUN EVENT button.

Open the EVENT INTERACTIONS Pod from the Select pod's window on the upper right, and then press LOCK EVENT. Also, copy the Lock Bypass Key.

Start the stream in your encoder and stream some test pictures and audio.

Finally, open the Event Auditorium using the URL on the main setup page and use the Lock Bypass Key to gain access to the Locked event.

Now you can check the pictures and audio of the streams. Please note the video stream isn't seen directly in the Presenter Studio hence why you view it via the audience Auditoumn page. If your event is configured to have Ask a Question or Auadince Chat you will need to have these pods open to allow speakers and Moderators to view and respond to audience questions.

For the Live event, the media that is broadcasted will automatically be recorded and saved into the WorkCast platform, however as a back up we would always recommend saving locally as well. 

You can still add polls however the polls are connected to the unique media in the WorkCast platform. If you wish to push out different polls against different events then please speak with your account manager or reach out to