Best Practice and Studio Troubleshooting
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Interactive Studio Troubleshooting

This article will give you some suggestions to aid if speakers are having difficulties with connecting or using some of the features in the Interactive Studio

Interactive studio

Issues accessing the WorkCast Studio or My Connections
  • Check which browser is being used. Most browsers should work with our interactive studio, however, the browser may need updating to the most recent version. If there are any issues, try an alternative browser.

  • It has been previously logged in and now having issues accessing the studio, this may be cache and cookies issues in the browser itself. Clear the cache and cookies in the browser settings or alternatively access via an incognito window.

  • If possible turn off VPN to reduce security or bandwidth issues. Info on requirements, click here

  • If still having issues, try another device or network.

  • Ensure other programs that use webcam/microphone are closed completely, such as Microsoft Teams.

Webcam issues

The first port of call for most webcam issues is to press the red Leave icon in My Connections and then click the Rejoin button when it appears. This will rejoin the connection and fix most issues.

No permission for webcam

  • Ensure permissions have been allowed in the browser for access to the webcam. This may pop up when joining the studio. You can view these normally on the padlock symbol in the URL bar and must be set to allow. Try refreshing the browser window to ensure these have been saved. These may also be in the computer security settings.

  • At the bottom of the My Connections pod, you should see a white arrow on both the microphone and camera icons. This will bring up options to ensure you are using the correct input/output and camera devices.

  • If using a corporate device and unable to access permissions then refer to local IT. In the meantime, dial in via the phone bridge or try another device so the event studio can be joined.

  • Ensure other programs that use webcam/microphone are closed completely, such as Microsoft Teams.

Seeing the wrong webcam

  • If there is more than one webcam on a computer it may use the wrong one when joining. Click on the white arrow on the camera icon to choose which camera to use. This may take a few seconds to change.

Connection issues

The first port of call for most connection issues is to press the red Leave icon in My Connections and then click the Rejoin button when it appears.

The connection for each presenter shows in the top left corner of the webcam image box and works on a traffic light system. If a lower connection and showing red or between amber and red then there are a few things to try.

  • Keep the My Connections pod smaller where possible to reduce bandwidth use.

  • Close other programs on the computer that uses the internet.

  • Use hard-wired internet where possible.

  • Try a different internet connection where possible.

  • If working from home, try and reduce the use of other devices in the house.

  • You can lower the definition of images of your webcam and that you can see. In My Connections, go to Manage Video Quality and lower to Standard or Low Definition. Low Bandwidth will turn off the view of cameras completely.

  • If connection issues continue, turn off the camera. The audio will still work fine.

  • If the connection drops, try to reconnect as soon as possible. A backup is to connect via phone. These details can be found in the. the top right corner of the studio, with all international numbers here.

Common Screen sharing issues

Security issues on a Mac

When trying to screen share on a Mac, the following message might be seen or screen sharing not appear to work at all.

The security settings on the Mac just need permission in order to share the screen via Google Chrome. This would be the same for any application that they used and is part of the Mac settings.

  • Click the Apple in the upper left-hand corner of the screen

  • System Preferences

  • Security & Privacy

  • Click the Privacy tab at the top of the dialog box

  • Scroll down on the left-hand side of the screen to Screen Recording

  • Check the box next to Chrome

  • You will be alerted to quit Chrome before the change can take place

  • Then re-start Chrome

Screen share on a separate window

When screen sharing a deck in Power Point, once go into Presentation Mode, the presenter can no longer access WorkCast Studio. The below steps can help set up Presentation Mode open in a separate window to prevent that.

Connecting via a Mobile Device - Jitsi App

Connecting via the Jitsi App can be advised ONLY if the speakers have tried connecting via a computer on multiple browsers/networks and unable to connect. We have no control over the Jitsi application and the only functionality available in the My Connections section.

If logging into the interactive studio on a mobile device or tablet then it may come up a screen with the following message (screenshot below). Please note that this may only work on Google Chrome.

  • The Jitsi app must be downloaded from the app store on the device in order to access the interactive webcam functions in My Connections.

  • After the app has downloaded the event studio can then be accessed in 2 ways:

1. (The best way to ensure correct event and details) Go back to the studio browser window and click Continue on the app.

2. In the app, you can enter the event URL to go to the event session.

If having issues connecting to the app then this may have to do with permission on the device itself. For example, it may come up with pop-ups asking for permission to access the camera and microphone. Instead, you may need to go into the privacy settings and changes these manually.

Please note that the mute/unmute and hide/show camera icons are the same, however to the left there is a chat function (this is to be ignored as not our chat function). If using this app then only show the presenter the mute/unmute, hide/show camera icons and leave icons.