Additional Questions

WorkCast International Numbers

International dial-in numbers for use with the WorkCast Audio profile.


IMPORTANT: As of the 30th June 2022 we have reduced the number of phone dial-in details we are offering as standard for events on the WorkCast platform. You and your presenters will still be able to connect view headset, webcam and telephone. 

Why have we made this decision?
We’ve seen a huge increase in the use of webcams and our interactive studio, as well as a decrease in phone dial-ins being used on all event types. Going forward, we will be continuing to put our efforts into continued improvements of our webcam and interactive features.

What if we need a phone number that isn’t listed?
Please reach out to your Account Manager and they can discuss if a number can be added as part of your licence at least 7 working days prior to your live event date.



+61 745 731 234       (if calling between states  +61 2 745 731 234)


+1 647 932-2234


+33 9744 81234


+49 800 0008 102

Hong Kong

+852 800 931 221


+44 (0) 1295 235 123


+1 610 600 6321


NOTE: These numbers are currently in the trial stage and may change or be withdrawn.

May require the caller to activate "International dialing/ISD". Cannot be reached from TTSL (Prepaid) and Etisalat DB Telecom.

WorkCast presenter dial-in phone numbers have been configured to minimize any call costs to presenters. There is a negligible call charge applied by our telephony carrier when dialing into the WorkCast service. Standard phone and data rates apply, depending on your provider, this charge is typically $0.00175 per minute ($0.10 per hour) for each presenter. This fee is required by our telephony carriers to ensure that we utilize high-quality trunking services to provide the best audio quality audio from our platform.