Reminder Emails

This article will go through how you can make changes to your Reminder emails per event, and what statistics you can see.

Webinar Reminder Emails

This information will be set on your template, however, if required can be changed on a per-event basis.

If you wanted to change the email template, you are able to do this by going to the drop-down menu next to the word Template and selecting the option you wish to use. Please see the screenshot above to further explain this.

The sender name can be whatever you like, but as standard, it will be set to your company name.

The sender email again can be what you like, as standard in the build of your template we will put your company name – unless told otherwise. For example

Primary event session – this is just to advise you’re setting reminder emails up for the event listed there.

Subject line – You can have the subject line as whatever you like and this is changeable per event. We will set a standard subject line for reminders on a template basis.

Schedule – this is where you add your schedules for reminder emails. As standard, your template will usually be set to have a reminder email 1 day before your event and 1 hour. This, however, can be what you like, some clients like to have more reminder emails, for example, 1 week before the event, or 3 days before. Some clients also like to add one 15 minutes prior to the start time. You can see it gives you the option to add how many days, hours, and minutes. Please note due to some company's security email vetting process we would suggest setting a reminder email to be dispatched at a minimum of 15 mins pre the event start time, otherwise, the email could arrive in the registrants' inbox after the start time of the event. 

Test after you have finished editing/adding your schedules for your reminder emails, you are able to send yourself a test email by clicking test, a pop up will appear, and then enter your email address in. Once you have entered a valid email address, then proceed button will turn orange for you to press.

send test email

Email statistics, you can press Stats at any time to see if the emails have been sent, against how many registrations you have, this will also advise if any emails failed and give you the reasons why. 


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