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Pre-recording Content for Live Events

Adding pre-recorded content to your live event is a great way of running your event if one or more of your presenters aren't available, if they are anxious about running live or if you need to have your content checked before broadcast.

There are a number of options for pre-recording your content, all of which can then be loaded into your Powerpoint for upload to the platform.

Pre-record through the WorkCast Platform

Content can be recorded directly through the WorkCast platform by creating an event and running it as live, but with no audience. Some important points to note:

  • Anytime you press broadcast in the WorkCast Platform the content will be recorded
  • Records created through the WorkCast Platform are generated as MP4 files that are suitable to use embed within a  PowerPoint Presentations. To view a best practice guide click here
  • You can then take this recorded media and push this through an editing platform that you may have access to. Once the media has been edited you have two options:
    1) Add the media to Powerpoint and either upload to a Slides Only event or share via your screen in an Interactive event 
    2) Upload the media and push out the event as a Simulive

Pre-record through PowerPoint

Content can be recorded directly into PowerPoint for use in your event. Further details as to how to do so can be found here or on the Microsoft support sites here.

The saved PowerPoint file can then be loaded directly into the WorkCast Platform for broadcast out.

Using Existing Video Content

PowerPoint can accept multiple video formats and playback options. As such it is possible to add any existing content to an event vis either embedding into slides or sharing your screen in an Interactive style event

We make the following suggestions for video size and formats, especially if embedding into a PowerPoint deck. 

  • Video no more than 750kbps
  • mp4 h.264 using profile "Baseline"
  • Video frame rate 25 (FPS)
  • Audio no more than 128kbps
  • AAC audio profile
  • Audio Sample Rate 44100/48000

Adding your pre-recorded content to your PowerPoint

To play your pre-recorded content (created in any of the methods above) out as part of your presentation you would simply add it to your PowerPoint as a video file. This allows:

  • A mix of live and pre-recorded content in a single presentation
  • The easy switch between pre-record and live, simply play the video at the relevant time or speak at the relevant time.
  • Live introductions, followed by pre-recorded content followed by live Q&A can easily be achieved by simply adding an opening slide and some slides for the Q&A

To add your video to the slides follow these steps:

  1. Create your presentation
  2. Add a blank slide where you want your video to go
  3. Within the Insert menu chose Video
  4. Select the video from your computer (you must embed the video into your slides from your computer, you cannot reference an online video)
  5. The video will then load into the presentation.
  6. You will now see a Video Tools menu. In the Playback tab set to start Automatically (this will set your video to play as soon as you click onto the slide)
  7. Save and load the WorkCast Platform

To view a guide on how to use your recorded content in a Slides Only Event click here 

If your event presentation type is to be Interactive then you can share any content via screen share. If you have recorded audio then the speaker must use chrome as their browser and check the use audio button when they share their screen. To view more detail click here