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Different options for using your own Registration form

This is an article which will go through the different options you have if you do not want to use a WorkCast Registration form.

With WorkCast you have the option to use your own registration form externally from our platform. 

Below are the different options you have, all of which would primarily need to be set up by yourselves and on an event-by-event basis.


Registrations can be sent to our platform via the following CRMs or pages:

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 12.02.04

You can create your own registration form in your marketing platform and push the registration against a WorkCast event. This option keeps all registration data within your Marketing Platform but allows you to still configure the event attendance information within the integration page. Note: Salesforce does not have an option to create a registration form.

  1. Eloqua Form
  2. HubSpot Form
  3. Marketo Form
  4. Pardot Form
  5. Eventbrite Form

See the category on Integrations to find out more.

API Registration 

If you wanted to host the registration form on your own website, or a website of your choosing (that you have advanced access to), then you would need to set this up yourself on your own side. 

For more information click here

Bulk upload

You can host your registration page wherever you would like, such as within a Social Media platform. 

To get the registrations from your Social Media platform to WorkCast, you would need to bulk upload the registrants to your event. 

For more information on bulk upload, and a guide on how to complete this, click here