Edit Event Email’s

WorkCast Producer+ and Enterprise license holders have the option to edit email communications within the WorkCast platform. 

Within the emails tab you have the ability to edit the Title shown in the body of the email, the way the Date/Time is displayed, and add in an Alternative URL to the ‘Join’ link within the email - should you wish to use your event page, but still use WorkCast emails.

How to Edit: 

Log into the WorkCast platform and click into the event you wish to edit.

Once you are in the event, you will see the Emails tab, please click into the tab.

To edit the emails you first MUST deactivate all active emails. Typically, for Live events the Details and Reminder emails will be Active. 


To deactivate, untick the Activate check box on each email and then you will see a green bar with a Save option at the top of the Email tab. Click Save. 


You now are able to edit the previously greyed out options. 


Note: Once your required changes have been made, you’d then reactivate the emails by checking the Activate box on each email you wish to dispatch and pressing the green save bar which will then save your changes.  


The Communications Title

This is the title of the event which shows in the body of the emails sent to your attendees. Upon creation of your event the overall event title is added to the Communications title text box as standard. This however will not update automatically, so should you change the event title, you would need to do this manually or the previous event title will still show. 

Date/Time display. 

This would only need be updated if you wish the date and time to display differently from the standard format. To do this:

  1. Click the Show Legacy Details 

  1. This will open up to display further options. The top option is Comms Event Date. Here, enter the date/time of your event as you’d want it to be displayed. 

Note: You are able to add in here multiple time zones should you wish and this will display in the body of the email. 

The other options in the show legacy details tab are not applicable for clients unless stated by a WorkCast colleague in your template creation process.


Please see below how this would appear 

Alternative Comms Link URL

This will be blank to start with and can stay blank for most events. However, if you are embedding your event onto another webpage, you will need to add the URL that the event is playing within there. This updates the join the event in the email communications and will direct to the link within the Alternative Comms link URL, rather than the WorkCast event page.

Now onto the Details/Confirmation Email