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WorkCast Event Presentation types

This article describes the different event presentation types available with your WorkCast account.

Presentation type



(Booking app Type 1)










Allows for up to 16 webcams, screen sharing and the playback of pre-recorded video links. 

  • Multiple presenters join via webcam and audio. (Can also join telephone if required.)  There are currently two webcam views available; Presenter view and Tile view.
  • The presenters can screenshare to show show any content from their device i.e. PowerPoint slides, software applications, and short videos. 
  • Pre-record media (mp.4) can also be shared with the audience. 

This will show in the main window of the media player. (Webcams can be hidden) 

For more information on how to run Interactive events, click here


(Booking app Type 2)

Allows fully pre-recorded media to play out automatically at a specific date and time and date as if live.

  • An .mp4 file is uploaded to your WorkCast account and attached to the event.
  • The event starts automatically at the scheduled time and plays out media in full.
  • Allows for real-time audience interaction. i.e ask a question/engagement wall/polls.

For more information on how to run simulive events, click here

Classic slides

(Booking app Type 3)

Allows use of cloud slides with audio only.

  • Presenters can connect via microphone or telephone (no webcam option)
  • Slides are uploaded to the platform in .pptx file format and streamed from the cloud. 
  • All presenters/producers can view and advance the slides. 
  • Slides can include an embedded images, graphs and video with sound
For more information on how to run slides only events, click here

Live Stream


(Booking app Type 4) 

WorkCast Onsite

(Booking app Type 5)


Allows an external stream to be viewed by an audience. This could be from a third-party application or from professional audio/visual production equipment.

  • A compatible streaming encoder and specific venue network requirements must be in place. 
  • You must have purchased the additional add on to enable full account functionality - Please speak to your Account Manager if not in place. 
  • Still allows for real-time audience interaction. For example, ask a question/participant chat/polls
For more information on creating a live stream event click here

On Demand

(Booking app Type 6)

Allows for fully pre-recorded media which can be viewed at the convenience of your attendee. 

  • An .mp4 file is uploaded to your WorkCast account and attached to the on demand event.
  • Attendees register and view the media at a time convenient to them. 
  • Allows poll questions to appear automatically at specific times throughout the media. 
  • Requires no interaction from producer/presenter within WorkCast Studio. 


Choosing Presentation type

To select your WorkCast event presentation type click into the Create Events tab to to the top of your account and Live and Simulive. Here you will find a list of available templates.

Typically your branded master template will be titled similar to Master Template / Master Template On Demand Only 

To create a Live event (Interactive, Simulive, Classic Slides or Live Stream)

Click Use this template on Master Template located to the top of the list. 

You will then be asked to provide event specific details i.e Title, date & time before advancing to the second page where you will see four live presentation types to choose from. 

Live Stream is only enabled upon request/need. Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information


To edit the presentation type once the event is built or if your event is a Mini VE or VE

Within the Event setup page navigate to the Session Setup & Studio Access tab. Here you will see Presentation Type, select the check box of the presentation type you'd like to use.  

Once selected, the green save bar will appear for you to save.

Then the blue bar will appear for you to publish draft.


To create an On Demand event. 

Click Use this template on Master Template On Demand only located to the bottom of the list.

You will then be asked to provide event specific details i.e Title, date & time before creating the event. 

Please note: If you choose the Live template but want a fully On Demand event, or if you choose the On Demand template but want a Live event you will need to reach out to us to change this for you at support@workcast.com.