Registration Confirmation Emails

This article will go through how you can make changes to your Registration Confirmation email per event, and what statistics you can see.

The Confirmation emails are found within the Review Attendee Emails tab of your event and will dispatch upon registration.

Should you wish to edit your emails we recommend the following steps:

  • Deactivate all activated emails and save. 

  • Make changes (use the image below to learn more about the sections you can edit)

  • Test emails

  • Activate the emails you’d like to dispatch. 

Scroll to the Confirmation email section. 

  1. Activate: this is where you activate/deactivate the Confirmation emails. When you have completed any edits to the email section please ensure you check this box to reactivate the confirmation emails to dispatch to your registrants. 

  2. Template: This is the email template used on your confirmation emails. Typically this will be the same template as the confirmation email and should be titled similar to Confirmation/Reminder 2023. To change the template used to an alternative click the drop down option where a list of all available email templates will show ready to be selected. Note: Standard email templates will not be branded to your organisation's colours.

  3. Sender name: this is typically your company name.

  4. Sender email: this is typically your This can be changed however we’d recommend keeping the domain as so this is not filtered into the junk/spam folder of your attendees. 

  5. Subject: this is the subject you’d like to show on your confirmation email. 

  6. Test: Once you’ve scheduled the email, click on the envelope icon to send yourself a test to see how this appears to attendees. 

  7. Last Dispatch: This is the last time the confirmation email was dispatched to a registrant. 

  8. Email Statistics - Here you can see how many emails were successfully dispatched to your registrants. This will also show any emails which failed and the reason why. 

    (This will only populate once you have activated the emails and people register for the event.)


    Want to change your reminder emails, click here to find out how!