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Integration Reporting (Overview)

This is an article that will go through a basic overview of the different Integration reporting you can have if you have a Business Pro or Enterprise plan.


In addition to the standard reporting you have within WorkCast, you are able to use integrations to gain reporting elsewhere/advanced reporting.

Below are the different options which we offer.


API gives registration, reporting and event creation options, with access to raw data which you can report on how you wish, and it gives a success or failure and more control.

We offer 2 types of API.

Registration API or Reporting API.

Embed Code

You have the option to embed your event player window onto a website of your choosing, that you do have advanced access to. 

When you embed, you still log in to the WorkCast Studio and present the event, but the event player window will play on your website that you have embedded it into and within the WorkCast Auditorium event page. 

So you need to ensure you promote the correct link to ensure audience members watch on the page you intend them to watch on.

You also need to follow steps to ensure reporting is pulled through.

For more information on how to set up embed, please click here

CRM / MAS Systems

We integrate with different CRM/MAS systems, see below: