First Event Summary

What is an Event?

Learn about what an event is and what it can include.

The WorkCast Platform

The WorkCast Platform is a unique webinar and webcasting platform that allows users to have fully styled and branded event workflows that can be used for many events.

Every customer of WorkCast Present+, WorkCast Producer+, and Enterprise licenses has the option to create and live events.

What is an Event?

An event is a term given to all the end to end workflow components and experiences that are set up as part of the Master Template.

An event can be a relatively simple single event session webinar (Registration Form, Confirmation Page, Auditorium, Confirmation & Reminder Emails) or a multi-session event with lobby pages or other landing pages (See Virtual Events article). Note: Present+ license holders do not have access to multi-session events.

The WorkCast Platform supports the following live event types:

  • Interactive (Webcam and Screenshare)
  • Slides only
  • Simulive (not available as a Present+ license holder)  
  • Live stream (Producer+ add on)

Producer+ users have the ability to create Live, On-Demand, or Simulive events. Present+ users can create Live events and then turn the live event into an On-Demand asset.