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Event Security & Access Models

The WorkCast Platform has a wide selection of webinar security options depending on how you want your viewing audience to gain access to your online event.

Access for attendees can be broken down into 3 key methods:

  • Pre-registration events
  • Auditorium Authentication events
  • Anonymous Access Events

Pre-registration events

These events use the WorkCast registration process and require users to pre-register for the event. The WorkCast Platform will create unique registration page links for each event for use in all event promotion.

Users register to trigger a workflow of details and reminder emails leading up to the live event. 

Viewers can be registered for an event using the following methods:

WorkCast Registration Form

This is your branded page and can include any questions you wish to ask to those signing up. You would market the registration link and viewers would fill in the registration form. This registers them for your event and dispatches a confirmation email to them confirming their registration.

Bulk upload of registrations

If you already have a list of registrants for the event you can bulk upload them to your event which will add them to the workflow. More information can be found on bulk uploads here.
Please note: it is your responsibility to confirm that your data set conforms to relevant data protection rules and is in line with GDPR.

Your own registration form

If you have access to your own website or use an integration such as HubSpot or Eloqua you can choose to use your own registration form and push registrations through to your event.  For more information and guidance click here

Additional features

The following are available with the above methods:


Can be configured to dispatch as and when required in the build-up to the event to encourage attendance.

Live Event Page

This is set up with authentication which will require users to confirm their details before attending the live event page. This can include access codes as well as email address confirmation.


Full reporting is available in the platform throughout this workflow.

As part of using a WorkCast registration page, you have the following options available (licence requirements are also detailed):

Standard registration workflow/Request contact details

Viewers would be required to confirm their details at the auditorium entry-stage before being able to view the live event content. This can be set to the email address with options to include details such as first name and surname. This is available for all licences.

Secure access using access code

This requires a more complex set up and email template. When a viewer registers for an event then will receive the confirmation email as standard. However, as part of the process, the platform generates a unique access code for that viewer. You can then include that unique code in their confirmation email, reminder emails or both. Viewers are then required to enter both their email and access code into the auditorium entry in order to gain access. You can also bulk upload registrations with either your own unique code or a specific event code you wish to give. This option is available for Producer+ licences or above.

Auditorium Authentication events

These events bypass the pre-registration process detailed above and send users directly to the auditorium page for the live event. You are still able to capture information about users but only at the point of entry, they cannot pre-register and receive reminder emails.

For auditorium access events you can ask any or all of the following questions only at the point of entry:

  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • Job Title
  • Telephone
  • Address

Full attendance reporting is available post-event.

Anonymous Access Events

Events can be set up to allow viewers straight into the auditorium page without authentication or completing their details.

These events capture viewer numbers and statistics.  Viewers are given an anonymous tag so you can track their behaviour but will not be able to see who they are.

Please reach out to support@workcast.com on the required next steps