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Webinar Library Templates

WorkCast has a range of Webinar Library templates which allow users to group multiple sessions within a single lobby.

Key Functions within a Webinar Library Template:

  • Sessions can be grouped within filters (e.g. Live, Upcoming or On-Demand). Alternatively they can all be kept within the same filter, there is no limit to how many sessions or filters you want.
  • Search Functionality to find a specific webinar you wish to view
  • Each session can include a Title, Short Description and an optional Thumbnail Image.
  • Each session themselves can then link to the specific Registration URL or alternatively can link to a External Website if necessary.
  • All templates have optional Presenters, Resources, Sponsor Logo and Welcome Video.

How can a Webinar Library be branded?

  • Background- This can be a Background Image, a Solid Colour or a Gradient.
  • Thumbnails- We can take your brand guidelines and use the colour to brand either the Buttons, or Colour Overlay depending on your template of choice.
  • Fonts- We can use any Google or WebSafe fonts. If your font is unavailable, we will find the closest alternative.
  • Logos- We can load your logo onto our template and if you have an additional Secondary/Sponsor Logo too. 
  • Not sure on the design?- We can base the design of your current Website/Brand Guidelines or Master Template.



  View Webinar Library Example




View Webinar Library Example



  View Webinar Library Example


How can users access the Webinar Library

  • Direct access to the channel lobby URL, then individual sessions prompt you to register to gain access to each event session.

Useful Information:

  • Branded templates- If your license includes or if you have purchased a branded template, WorkCast will brand a template of your choice and ensure it reflects your brand. To view more around branded templates click here
  • Supplying your assets- Learn about what you need to get started on having your very own branded master template here
  • Popular plugins- Learn about some of the most popular plugins which can be integrated with your template here