Uploading an mp4 File and Attaching it

Last updated February 19, 2018

If you’re creating an On Demand webinar in the WorkCast Platform, you need to upload Media, as opposed to Slides, as you would for a Live Event.

Here is a step-by-step way to do this in the WorkCast Platform as a Producer User!

1. Create an Event

First, go to Create Events and select On Demand Event, choosing any template you so wish. In the Create Event popup, complete the relevant fields (Title, Description etc.) and hit Proceed.

** Please note, if you do not see an On Demand template within your account, please contact your Account Manager


2. Find the Upload Media Link

Next, head the top menu bar and click on Media. Head to the left-hand-side menu and underneath Manage Media, click on the Upload Media link.


3.  Add your mp4 File

You'll now see the Media Upload page. Within this, hit Add File and your File Browser will pop-up, displaying all the files on your computer. Select the mp4 file you wish to upload and it will appear in the Upload section.


4. Upload your File

Hit Start Upload and your file will begin uploading into your account. Whilst this is doing so, you need to add a Title and Description for your mp4 file, otherwise the upload will not be completed. After this is all done, click Save Progress, before leaving the page.


5. Go back to your Event

Navigate back to the Events tab on the top menu bar and return to the event you just created previously. Within Event Setup and Event Experience, go to the Media tab.


6. Attach your File to your Event

Finally, hit Choose Existing and select the mp4 file you just uploaded and your file will now appear in your Event Auditorium, ready to be streamed as an On Demand event!

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