What is media?

Last updated October 12, 2018

Media refers to the content that will be streamed out during your live event.

It consists of both PowerPoint slides and pre-recorded video content.

The WorkCast Platform includes our unique support of PowerPoint slides. This means the Platform replicates your slides as you intended them including embedded video, animations and transitions with no compromise in quality.

Your PowerPoint media is streamed via PowerPoint viewer so all your branded content, animations and videos play and transition smoothly.

Your event will fall into one of the following categories: (licence permitting)

Live event

1. Single window - PowerPoint slides (video embedded optional) 

2. Single window - Live video stream

Live event with pre-recorded content

The recorded video content (mp4) is run through a PowerPoint deck where you can switch easily from live to pre-record elements

On demand

Recorded content only (mp4)

Scheduled replay


Recorded content only (mp4)


Additional content can include polls and documents or links for the auditorium which should all be added against your Event Session.

What file types are supported?

The WorkCast Platform accepts numerous media formats for upload however we recommend .mp4 for replay.

PowerPoint slides should be added in .pptx format and either 16:9 (1280 x 720) or 4:3 (1024 x 768) in aspect ratio.

Files up to 700MB can be uploaded into the WorkCast Platform. If your PowerPoint is larger than this, please seek assistance from support@workcast.com

Testing your media content

If your PowerPoint contains videos, ensure you test the replay of these.

One of the key features of the WorkCast Platform is the ability to run videos, animations and builds within PowerPoint and have these honoured when presenting. The platform ensures any videos embedded in PowerPoints are able to play correctly within events by identifying videos while slides are uploading and re-encoding to optimum streaming settings ready for use. 

We always recommend loading your presentation in plenty of time prior to the event to allow you to test and review your content before your live event.

The WorkCast platform supports all standard Microsoft True Type font; any non True Type font should be embedded into the slide deck. PowerPoint decks should be free of all embedded documents (e.g. embedded excel or word files), custom .xml data, invisible on-slide content and off-slide content (clip art, tables, graphics, etc that are stored 'off site' and not embedded into the deck).

PowerPoint best practice guide

For further tips on making the most out of your PowerPoint presentations within the WorkCast Platform click here.

On Demand and Scheduled Replay content

For video content to be used within the platform please use the following settings.

  • Video no more than 750 kbps
  • mp4 h.264 using profile "Baseline"
  • Video frame rate 25 (FPS)
  • Audio no more than 128kbps
  • AAC audio profile
  • Audio Sample Rate 44100/48000

Files up to 700MB can be uploaded into the WorkCast Platform. If your file is larger than this, please seek assistance from support@workcast.com

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