Creating Your On Demand

How to Make an On-Demand Event From a Live Event

Once you have run your Live Event, the WorkCast Platform gives you the option to create an On-Demand version.

Creating Your On-Demand

You can see the number of events available to create as On-Demand in the top menu of your account under Events.


Once your event has concluded and the duration time set has elapsed, your event will move to the top of the list on the event listing page and will show as On-Demand Creation Ready.

Once you click into your event you will see a bar across the top of the page showing the sessions available to publish as On-Demand (multi-session events allow you to create the on-demand for whichever sessions you require).

IMPORTANT: If you require to make changes to the Registration Page, click the Registration Form tab to edit this section. Remember to Save and Publish your changes before moving onto creating your On-Demand on the Event Experience tab. (If you are trying to make changes to the Registration Page after creating the On-Demand, you will need to follow further steps).

To create your On-Demand navigate to the session and click the Create On-Demand button (this does not commit any changes at this stage).

Your On-Demand session is now created within the event. You will notice that there are now 2 sessions in your event and you are editing the new On-Demand session. At this stage, it is not visible to the audience until you are ready.

NOTE: In the event listing page your event is now showing as On-Demand available to publish and if you return to the event to edit you need to ensure you are editing the On-Demand session. At this point, your original live session is still active and will have a green icon against it (and will be the top session) whereas your new On-Demand session is not active yet so the icon will be grey. It is the new one you need to edit.

Once you have made your changes you can save and preview.

When you are happy to proceed click Publish On-Demand to make the On-Demand event active.

Your On-Demand is now created. 

On-Demand: Editing Your Registration Form

If you have already created your On-Demand and want to further edit your Registration Page, you will need to follow some extra steps to ensure this is saved.

Your published On-Demand session appears below your unpublished Live Session. To edit the Registration Page for the On-Demand session, this needs to be moved to the top of the list of sessions.

NOTE: If you do not want any confirmation emails to go out to those who have registered for the On-Demand, then you will need to deactivate the confirmation emails first, before moving the On-Demand session up. (See our guide on how to edit emails here).

Click the bottom On-Demand session and drag this to above the top Live Session. You will get a change warning to confirm this.

2020-01-02 (4)

You can now edit the Registration Page by clicking on the Registration Form tab. Remember to Save and Publish changes.

2020-01-02 (6)

Once you are happy with your changes. Click and drag the bottom unpublished Live Session back to above the published top On-Demand session. You will get a change warning to confirm this.

2020-01-02 (7)

Your Registration Page should now be updated and can be checked.

NOTE: To ensure your event reporting is accurate, ensure that the sessions are in the correct order at the end of this process with the unpublished Live Event at the top and the published On-Demand below this.

Your On-Demand Event URL'S

The live event URL is the same for the newly created On-Demand version. Attendees who accessed the live event will have access to the On-Demand without having to re-register. You do not need to provide different URLs for your On-Demand version.