Step 3. How to use a Virtual Event Template
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Event Logo

Understand more about your default logo within your Virtual Event

By default, your event logo will be assigned to an event. If this is an account with multiple events, you may wish to add a specific event logo.

How to set-up your filter

To do this, please add a new filter and call this Event Logo. 

After you have clicked create, you will see your filter. For more information about filters, check the filters section of this guide

Remember: refresh filter changes!

To add an event session/page to this filter, simply click the Plus icon, and search for your session. If you do not know the name of your event session/page, just click Search and you will see all available event sessions. You can choose any template. 

View this article if you are unsure how to add event sessions/pages

How to add your logo

Click on the event logo session page within your filter, and navigate to the Advanced tab, and upload your image by clicking Choose File.

Tip! The recommended size of a logo image is 300x100   - read more information about asset requirements