Supplying your Virtual Event Assets

Last updated December 14, 2020

Below is a selection of the different assets available to be branded within virtual events. You will be able to find all brandable assets here including there dimensions and file formats. If you have any additional questions please reach out to your Project Manager and we can advise you the best solution. 

Layout specific assets have been separated out, so simply search for your chosen layout to find any assets specific to that layout.  

Saving Images For The Web

It is important when providing any assets to be used within your Virtual Event design, that they are fit for web usage. All images to be set to 72dpi and have a file size no larger than 800KB. 

Assets Description Dimensions File format      
Key Assets            
Your Brand Logo
This is your main event logo which will appear on all pages within your Virtual Event 300px x 100px PNG, JPEG      
Background image A general guide for any background images to be used within the event 2100px x 1000px JPEG      
Splash Screen Media screen holding image,  which will display before the media/after plays 1280px x 720px JPEG, PNG, GIF      
Email Banner An image which can be featured at the top of your registration confirmation/reminder email communications 600px x 120px JPEG      
Expo Template            
Lobby - Central Stand On the lobby page, this is the centre image which can feature some event details and a small amount of copy 196px x 406px PNG      
Lobby - Banner Stands (Maximum of 4) These are the stands either side of the Central stand, which will link to various pages within your event 287px x 544px PNG      
Footer Logos Scroller This is a section within the footer, which cycles through all uploaded footer logos

350px max width 

100px max height

PNG, JPEG      
Tile Template            
Thumbnail image These are the images which appear in the background of each session title 270px x 200px  JPEG, PNG      
Fresh Template            

Lobby - Tile images
(Maximum of 6)

The images which link to each page/session within the event  375px x 220px  JPEG, PNG      
Fair Template            
Lobby - Small Stand Smaller variant of the stand found on the home page 150px x 240px PNG      
Lobby - Large Stand Larger variant of the stand found on the home page 195px x 240px PNG      
Exhibitor Booths            

Platinum Exhibitor Booth Asset Guide

Download PDF Guide

This PDF user guide shows how the main Platinum Booth is created and how individual design assets can be supplied to create a platinum sponsor booth.          

Platinum Exhibitor Booth Sample Image Template

Download sample image

Our Premium booth offering which can feature; a sponsor logo, x2 banners either side of the booth and a larger banner. This should be supplied as a single image.   1100px x 620px PNG (Transparent)