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Updating on-demand captions

Understand how to amend or delete caption files in your WorkCast on-demand events

NOTE: This service is currently a beta release and available for all licence holders. It is expected that by September 2024 the beta will end and this capability will be limited to Business Pro and Enterprise account. 

The form below can be used to upload or update captions in your WorkCast on-demand events. To do this, you need to get some information from the WorkCast platform.  This is used to identify the media and to verify your identity to secure the request


Step 1 - Find your captions URL & security key

While logged into the platform, navigate to the Media tab and find the media your wish to update the captions for.

  1. Use the File:Chain link icon slanted.png - Wikimedia Commons  icon to copy the url of the media. All caption files are associated with a media file, so this is used to identify the media that the captions relate to
  2. You will also need the security key shown. If you don't see a security key, you may need to generate the initial captions link by clicking the GENERATE CAPTIONS text under ACTIONS on the left side of the media page.
    When the captions URL appears, there will be a security code generated. You copy this by clicking the icon. This code verifies your identify for the captions management form below. You should paste it into the Security Key field in the form below.

Step 2 - Editing your captions file

Download the captions file by clicking the long file link shown. This ends in .vtt as above.
When the file is downloaded you can edit it in a simple text editor on your PC.

The VTT caption file is a simple format for captions that provides captions text and timings that are understood by the WorkCast player. There is a blog explaining the VTT file format here that outlines how to edit these files: https://info.workcast.com/blog/how-to-manually-edit-a-captions-vtt-file-on-the-workcast-platorm

Step 3 - Complete the update form

The form fields are described here:

VTT Management URL - As outlined above, this is the url on the WorkCast platform for the media file. All captions relate to the media, so it is required for all captions management requests. 

Language version to update - The platform can support translations as well as captions. Captions are generally created in English as standard. The language you choose here is the language version of the captions that your request relates to. If you are uploading a replacement version of the English captions then choose English. If you have created a translated version of captions then you can upload that translation here and select the appropriate language. 

VTT Management Option - This is where you select the action that you want performed. There are 2;

  1. Replace the existing captions (VTT) with an uploaded file - This option will request a VTT file be uploaded. The file will replace the existing caption file but a backup is also taken of the current live version. The Restore the backup captions file option can be used if you need to get the last version back. Note: Only 1 historic version is kept.
  2. Delete the existing captions (VTT) - Will remove the captions file associated with the media. The language selection is used to determine which version to remove if more than just English captions are present. A backup will be made of the live version. 

WorkCast Security Key - As outlined above, this is a  security key that identifies you as a valid WorkCast user with permissions to update the captions. 

The captions management form

After you have submitted the form 

The form will trigger the request to be actioned immediately. It can take a couple of minutes for the request to be completed. You will receive an email outlining the tasks that have been completed. After you receive the email, you will be able to test the captions in your WorkCast event.

Caption Management FAQs

Location of the servers processing / running the AI captioning
These are located in Ireland

Details about the AI / LLM system, what is it, how is it taught?
We are using Amazon Transcribe for the caption generation and it is taught via either custom vocabularies or custom language models. These will be mostly on an account basis to keep training specific to the needs of individual Customers

How accurate is the system?
Accuracy of Amazon Transcribe, with no training, is improving in every iteration - in their latest updates they are reporting improvements of between 20% and 50% across most languages

Can the language model be trained?

Yes, The WorkCast team can create specific customer trained AI models that will provide better captions for key domain and brand information. We can also access specific medical models to provide more accurate captions in these areas? note: There is an extra fee for training and using customer AI models.