Creating and Building an Event

Adding Content to your Registration Form

This is an article which will go through how you can add your content to your Registration Form

Form Content Boxes

These text areas are where you are able to add text information to your registration page.  The three content areas are located within your registration form URL. You can also preview the page, by clicking into Preview Form.  

  • You will have Form content 1, 2, and 3. Whatever you choose to add into those 3 boxes, will appear on the registration form URL. There is a 4,000 character limit per content box. 
  • You then have your Register Thanks box, which also has a 4,000 character limit. Whatever you choose to add in this box, will appear underneath the Join the event, Add to calendar, FAQs, and Test connection icons. 


  • Do not copy and paste from a Word document or any other program into the form content boxes. This will pull through code from the applications which will result in the text not displaying correctly and also reduce your allotted description box character count.
  • You can ensure no extra code is pulled through by clicking within the Form Content box, selecting the Source menu option from the WYSIWYG, and pasting text into the popup box. Click OK and use the WYSIWYG to format your text, e.g. bold, italic, bullet points, colours, etc.

Adding Images and Links to your Content

The fields can accept HTML code and there is also an editor built in to allow you to add images and links. To view a more detailed article on adding links and images to your webinar content please click here.


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