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What is the 'Content Editor' functionality?

Learn how to use the Content Editor function in the WorkCast Platform.

The Content Editor is the process whereby our clients can submit their event content to WorkCast for a Premium Supported (Managed) Event booking.

The client can preview content on their pages within their templates prior to submission to WorkCast, meaning you are able to see how pages will look once finalized.

We aim to provide you your registration URL within 1 to 2 working day after content is submitted to WorkCast. 

When you make edits, you’ll need to ensure you press the green save button before you move onto the next section. 

Once you press save, the bar will change from green to blue and there will be an orange button Submit for review - you do not need to press this until you’ve made all of your edits/additions for your full event. You'll also see a Preview button that you can press at any time so you're able to see what your page currently looks like in preview mode.

Step 1: Title/Date/Time

  • Enter the title of your event into the Title section, this will say "please edit this event session…{Date}" to start with
  • Scroll down and you will see you also need to update the title at the top of the content area, where the green circle is located..
  • A green tick will appear when you’ve changed both titles and clicked on the page.
    screenshot6 (1)screenshot7
  • The date/time and duration should be set already for you, so we would not recommend changing this, but you can check this by clicking on the date/time section and a pop up will appear for you to show the details.

Step 2: Event Experience

  • Content
    • Heading: This is where your title/date/time and timezones will need to be entered
    • Description 1/2/3: This is where you add your overview for your event. You do not need to use all 3 display description boxes if you do not need to. There is a 4,000 character limit per box.
    • A green bar will appear where you press save, ensure you do this before you move onto another section

  • Presenters
    • Add presenter: If you have not created the presenter, you may not be able to search for them. However if you let us know via on your ticket thread, we can add the presenter for you.
    • Create presenter: If the presenter has not already been created, you press this and a pop up will appear for you to enter their details.

NOTE: When creating a username, do not add any spaces or special characters. You must ensure that Summary 1 (Name), Summary 2 (Job Title), and Summary 3 (Organisation) are populated as that is the information that shows on the page. Please ensure uploaded presenter images are sized at 80x80 pixels, to help with getting your images to be the correct size, you can use something like befunky.


  • Slides
    • For this, you will not need to action anything, when you have your PPTX file ready, you can email that over to us to and we'll check it over fully for you before we upload it to your event.
  • Extras
    • Polls: As standard with a premium supported event, we can add any polls you require. Please send these over to for us to add in for you.
    • Documents & Links: For this, you can add any documents & links that you like, this will appear in the 'Resources' tab of your Auditorium page. Best practice is to ensure there are no special characters or spaces in the file name before uploading.
    • Logo upload: This is for the sponsor logo upload, sizing must be no larger than 250 pixels in width. If you struggle with this, please email it over to 
    • Splash Upload: We will have a splash image added for you already, but if you wish to change this, you need to add it in this section. Sizing must be 16x9 which is 850 pixels x 478 pixels.

  • After making edits, ensure you do press the green save button. 

Step 3: Registration Form

  • Form fields
    • Add form field: This is where you can add your form fields, the form fields that agreed on your template level will already be there for you, so you may not need to edit these at all. But if you do, you need to click on add form field, and either choose from the standard list or press the Custom category and create your own. 

NOTE: Do not put any special characters in the report heading.



  • Form Content 1/2/3: This is where you can add in your overview, you can also link any text or add in images. To link or add images follow our guide here.
  • Register thanks page: This would appear on the page after you've pressed submit on the live registration page. It appears underneath the icons 'join event', 'add to calendar' etc. You do not need to add anything in this box if you do not wish to. 


Step 4: Submit for review

Once everything has been added and you have saved every page, you can now press the Submit for Review button.

When you press this, a pop-up will appear which will tell you everything you have edited. It will also give you the option to tick certain things that are not already listed, for example, anything in the extras tab of the event experience. Finally, it also gives you an additional comments section where you add any comments you feel necessary. For example, you struggled with adding a sponsor logo, so you're letting us know that you will send that across to us via email. 

If you have any issues at all during the Content Editor process, please email and we will help you further.