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What is a Multi-registration event

A multi-registration event is an event type where a registrant has a choice to register for one or more events via one registration form.

The registration form can include up to 6 events but only one registration form URL needs to be marketed to your potential registrants.

What does a multi-registration form look like? 

We offer three different layouts of the multi-registration form template which can be designed to meet your brand specifications. 

These are: 

Side-by-side view

List view

Card view

You can choose from any of our auditorium templates for your events. These can be found here.


Differences between single and Multi-Registration forms


As the Multi-Registration is linked to up to 6 events, the presenters will not show automatically on the registration page but will be available on the event auditoriums. 

Presenters can be added using HTML coding in the overview content boxes to the Side-by-side and List templates but CANNOT be added to the Card template. 

Thanks page: 

The Thank you page will contain a Join link to all of the events the user has registered for and a FAQ option but it will not include an add to calendar option (This will be available on the confirmation email).


Emails will be distributed from the individual events to confirm registration for the event. The emails will contain a Join, Add to Calendar and FAQ option.

i.e if the user registers for 3 events they will receive 3 confirmation emails. 

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, and you haven't already purchased a multi-registration template please do reach out to your Account Manager.