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What are Monitored & Managed Events?

Discover Monitored and Managed Events offered on the WorkCast platform.

The WorkCast Platform is a unique webinar and webcasting platform that allows users to have a fully styled and branded event workflows that can be used for many events.

Every customer of Business, Business Pro, and Enterprise licenses has the option to purchase event support. All account types can purchase Monitoring, whilst Business Pro and Enterprise account holders can also purchase Managed Events.

Platform Support

WorkCast provides product support to all customers. Platform support is provided via:

Audience support is provided through our FAQ page which is available through registration thanks pages, email communications, and live event pages. This page is used to triage any issues viewers may be having via a list of frequently asked questions or live chat. 

Live Event Support

Live event support can be delivered through either Monitored or Managed Support packages.

Your event will be monitored by a member of our live event team who will be on hand to check your event is broadcasting correctly, audio is coming through clearly, and to assist you should you have any technical issues.

The events are monitored using our monitoring stations which allow us to monitor multiple events at once on multiple connections and devices to ensure we are able to diagnose and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Monitored and Managed Support

WorkCast customers have the option to purchase individual or multiple event support packages. WorkCast offers two different event support packages – Monitored and Managed Supported. Customers will need to decide which package is best for them dependent on their support requirements. Note: Speak to your Account Manager for costings 

Monitored Event Support

With our Monitored service, you are still responsible for the event setup and delivery of the event within the platform. The WorkCast support team can help during this process through email and chat support at the setup stage and will also provide support during your live event through our monitoring station. So you'll have help and guidance when you need it. However, you take ownership of the event and make sure your presenters know what to do and how to do it.

This service suits event managers who regularly run events and have taken time to learn the WorkCast platform. The support is there to provide guidance and advice during your live event, but ultimately you are in control of running your live webinar.

Additional guidelines and checklists are available here.

Managed Support

Managed support is available for our Business Pro and Enterprise licenses, which also include a dedicated Online Event Coordinator for the live event.

Our Managed Supported service is ideal when you don't want to worry about any of the technical operations of running an event. Our customers who use this service want to concentrate on marketing the event and leave the operational side of running an event to us.

Our experienced events team will oversee the entire event process and provide additional services to widen the delivery options for your event- such as pre-records and editing services. We will work with you on the initial event set up, assist with the content upload, technical checks, and event running. You will be supported by your Account Manager as well as benefiting from our Monitoring services by our Events Team.

Additional information regarding the process for your Managed Event event can be found here.