Webcasts - Venue Network Requirements Overview

Last updated December 22, 2016

WorkCast Webcasts

The WorkCast Webcast team can stream live events using the WorkCast Platform from anywhere in the world.  As part of the event planning and preparation stages the network at the venue should be reviewed.  

The following requirements should be considered when choosing your venue

  • At least 3 network connections available near planned location for streaming equipment, or a single port which allows a network switch to be connected.

  • Ports 80 (http), 443 (SSL) and 1935 (RTMP) open for UPSTREAM and downstream connections

  • A minimum of 5mbps UP/DOWN, preferably 10mbps UP/DOWN

  • Ensure H264 MP4 streaming and progressive download not blocked by firewall or packet sniffing system

If you have any questions about venue requirements please contact our events team at events@workcast.com 

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