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Supplying your brand assets and designing your Master Template

Once you've chosen the template you'd like to use we can then get started on branding it to meet your company brand guidelines. 

Not sure which template to chose? Click here for the template options.

What we'd need from you: 

  • The website you wish us to base the design upon


  • Logos (transparent PNG images if available in size 300px by 100px)

  • Background imagery (As large and as high quality as possible. We'd recommend a minimum size of 2100px by 1000px)

  • Color palette/scheme (Color codes where available either HEX or RGB)

  • Brand guidelines (if applicable)

  • Banner (Needed for Forward Template only - Size 2100px x 300px)

What can be branded?

Registration, Thanks page and auditorium. 

  1. Primary Logo - This is typically your organisation's logo and is hard coded into the template upon template design.  (transparent PNG images if available in size 300px by 100px)

  2. Secondary logo - This is typically a sponsor company's logo and can be changed on an event basis.  (transparent PNG images if available in size 300px by 100px)

  3. Template Background- This can be any image, colour or gradient of colours you'd like.  (Image in as large and as high quality as possible. We'd recommend a minimum size of 2100px by 1000px. For colours and gradients please provide HEX codes or RGB )
  4. Headers and hyperlinks - These can be any colour or web safe/ Google Font you'd like. (please provide HEX codes or RGB )
  5. Text - This can be any colour or web safe/ Google Font you'd like. You can also chose the text size (please provide HEX codes or RGB)
  6. Buttons - Typically they are the same as the header colour but this can also be different if you'd like. (please provide HEX codes or RGB)
  7. Splash image - This is the image showing over the media player prior and after a broadcast. We usually aim to create this as close to your brand as possible but you can also supply this if you'd like in 16:9 ratio (850px x 478px) 


Confirmation, Reminder and post event email's are available for all events. Typically you have two Email template designs for this (Email subject lines are interchangeable on a per event basis). 

  1. Pre Event - These are your confirmation and reminder emails and include a link to add to calendar, join and view technical requirements. 

  2. Post Event. - These are your on demand emails which have only the Join option. 

  1. The primary and secondary Logo's and / or Banner used on template will pull through to the email template as standard.  (If you'd like to add or change the email banner this will display as 600px wide.)

  2. You are able to add a colour to the header if you'd like to. 

  3. The colour used for the links will also match the main branding used for the buttons on the event template.

As standard the content of the email is as shown in the above images. If you'd like to add further text or change this please do let us know (Note: this is custom and may incur commercial charge.)

Integrate Plugin's / Widgets to your Master Template

Below are examples of popular Plugin's/ Widgets clients have integrated into their Master template. 

NOTE: If you have any other platforms /widgets you wish to integrate with just ask!

  • Sli.do: this polling and Q&A application allows users to rank questions and display polling results
  • EventMobi: create image links for presenters and sponsors, event countdowns, Google Maps, event agenda or schedule and Gamification challenges 
  • Vimeo: this widget enables you to embed montage or trailer videos on your registration pages and pulls video analytics directly from your account 
  • Juicer: Aggregate all of your brands' hashtag and social media posts into a single, beautiful social media feed in your auditorium
  • Google Tag Manager: event tracking on your registration page or auditorium
  • Twitter: display all of your brands’ hashtags and Tweets in a live feed in your auditorium
  • Meeting Pulse: facilitate two-way interactions by displaying polling results, Q&A, surveys, quizzes, the β€œpulse” (the feel) of the room and more
  • LinkedIn: create profile share buttons, follow buttons, and more