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Interactive Studio - Share a Video

Want to show a recorded demo or a pre-recorded presentation but still want to have live elements? No problem, our Interactive Studio can do that!

You can use an MP4 media URL from any source including YouTube, however we do recommend uploading the video in MP4 format to your account to generate a shareable URL.


Quick Links

How to share the video during a live event 

Best Practice

How to generate a MP4 URL in WorkCast Platform

WorkCast Media requirements

Recommendations if using YouTube

How to Share the video during a live event.

  1. Copy the URL for your MP4 file or YouTube video. This could be from the Media section of your WorkCast account if you are a Producer or from another source.

  2. Once you have joined the Interactive Studio and are active in the My Connections click the three dots (More actions) and 'Share video' icon. 

  3. Paste the copied MP4 URL into the text box and click share 


    The video will start to play in the main section of the My Connections pod with the webcams still showing on the right hand side.

    If you'd like these webcams hidden from view, a Moderator would need to activate Follow Me. To find out more on this click here.

    All presenters with their audio connected in the studio are automatically muted.

    The person sharing the video can pause, skip or mute the video. The video should play for everyone in the studio unless anyone has any issues with bandwidth or connection whereby they may report they see only a static image. Don't worry, this is their connection only, your attendees will see the video playing. 

  4. When the video has ended/concluded click the three dots (More actions) and the 'Stop video' icon. 

Best Practice:

  • Test the video prior to the event, along with transitions between webcam, slides and video to ensure it all appears as you'd like. 

  • Ensure you close all unneeded applications which may impact your bandwidth as this can impact the share video functionality. 

  • Set expectations to your presenters around video playback. Advise them that, when the video is playing the microphones for all users in the studio are muted automatically. If they would to speak over any video playing out they would need to unmute themselves. They also will need to unmute once the video has concluded. 

  • Share messages to your presenters in the Presenter Only Chat pod when video is playing, as well as reminders about mute and video timings to cue them in for any live elements. Please note if anyone is dialled via a telephone they will not hear the media so will need to listen out for the live audio or view messages in the presenter only chat. 

How to generate a WorkCast MP4 URL 

  1. Navigate into the Media tab of your account and select upload media. 
  2. Click Add File and locate the MP4 file you'd like to upload 
  3. Once the file is chosen select the Start button to begin the upload. 
  4. Add a title - this should not have any spaces or special characters. 
  5. Add a description - this can be the same as title. 
  6. Once the media has loaded the Save Progress button will activate. Click this. 
    (You will have been auto-redirected to the media tab. Please allow up to 5 minutes for the media to appear to the top of the list. )
  7. Click on the media title to access the generated URLs, select the MP4 video URL to open in a new tab. Check the video is showing as expected and copy the MP4 URL from the URL bar. This is the URL you will share within the studio. 

WorkCast Media requirements: 

For video content to be used within the platform please use the following settings.

  • Video no more than 750 mbps
  • mp4 h.264 using profile "Baseline"
  • Video frame rate 25 (FPS)
  • Audio no more than 128kbps
  • AAC audio profile
  • Audio Sample Rate 44100/48000
  • MP4 must be more than 1 minute in length but no longer than 3 hours in length

Files up to 700MB can be uploaded into the WorkCast Platform. If your file is larger than this it may not upload or play as expected. 

Key Recommendations if sharing a YouTube video and not an MP4 URL

  • To use a business YouTube account to obtain your video URL. This is recommended to stop any adverts playing during the video.
  • You ideally have 3-4 minutes of dead space at the end of the video. This will help eliminate YouTube's "Recommended" videos displaying at the end of the video, as you can stop the video from playing before it gets to the very end.