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Not using WorkCast Emails?

This is an article which will go through your options on if you do not want to use the WorkCast communication emails.

Not using WorkCast Emails? No problem!

You don't have to use WorkCast Email communication for your registrants, you are free to explore other ways on your own company's side/integration side if you wish to. 

If you believe you will not be using WorkCast emails for any events you run, we'd recommend for you to advise us of this within the onboarding stage, that way our Onboarding team can ensure they remove all aspects of the emails section from your master template(s), to ensure no emails automatically activate when you are creating your event.


You have the option to have an integration set up so that when somebody registers for one of your events using the registration page (whether the registration page is within WorkCast or another website), it triggers an email from where you have your emails set up (your integration). 

Want to do a mix and match of using your own emails and WorkCast emails? 

No problem! We can set your template so it includes confirmation emails only, or reminder emails only, etc. Our Onboarding team will set it to suit your needs. 

If you think that on some events you'll use WorkCast emails, and some events you won't, that's possible too!

As standard we would have emails set up on your template, so when you create an event, emails will automatically be activated. However, as long as you have a Business Pro plan or above, you can go into the Emails tab once the event is created, and deactivate any emails you don't wish to use.

Guides on how to edit your emails on a per-event basis are here