Webinar Migrations

Last updated September 27, 2018

This document details the process of migrating previous events from an alternative provider/platform, over to WorkCast. Migration of all events can commence once we have created a Master Account Template and this has been fully approved.

Migration of events are chargeable so please speak to your sales person or customer success manager to discuss this.


Migration of events include the following overall timeframes:

10 events per 5 working days.

 The migration of events includes the following:

  • Set up of registration and/or auditorium pages
  • Title
  • Date/time if required
  • Overview Text
  • Presenter/Speaker/Host/Moderator information
  • Sponsor images/links
  • Media upload
  • Splash/Holding slide upload
  • Full check of event by a WorkCast associate
  • Any Integration as per service agreement

Step 1 - Initial Set Up

  1. You are required to advise the number of events needed for migration. Please do this by contacting events@workcast.com .
  2. You will then be provided with specific log in details to the WorkCast platform from the events@workcast.com email address. This is for our Contributor service.  This will be provided once the required amount of event sessions is created and tested in the platform, ready to receive content.  Further information on contributor can be found here.


Contributor is a service, which enables you to add your content straight into your event session.  It also enables a preview option for both a registration and auditorium page, depending on which is relevant.  It allows you to view your event, based on your branding, and make any edits to the content, until you are satisfied. It is a nice quick and easy service, which you can view your pages before they go live to an audience. Further information on contributor can be found here.

Step 2 - Logging into the Platform

  1. Once you have received the above confirmation, you will need to log in to workcast.com with the log in details provided in Step 1.
  2. You will then click the ‘Event Sessions’ tab.

  3. In this section, you will see the required amount of migrated event sessions requested in Step 1. They will be clearly labelled for your convenience.

Step 3 - Adding your event session content

  1. In this section, you can then click into each event session by clicking on the title (this will be generically labelled as this will be updated by yourself).
  2. You will see 5 tabs.

  3. Please work through each of the 5 tabs, adding all required content.
    (please note, minimum requirements are at least 1 presenter, and an event title)
  4. Once complete and you have previewed both pages (form and auditorium), please click on the ‘Submit for approval’ button. Tick all 5 tabs, and click submit.

    When this is submitted, WorkCast receive a notification that this page is complete and can then begin finalising this event page.  If you need to make any further amends to the page after submission, please advise us and we will make this page available.

Step 4 - Receiving your event links

  1. After all events have been submitted using the above Contributor service, all events will be finalised in the agreed timeframe, and all information provided. For example, URL/PAK/MEID/Integration, depending on what it required.

Step 5 - Adding your registrations (this step is not always required)

  1. Once the events are created fully, we can then begin the process of uploading all existing registrations if required.
  2. WorkCast will provide a csv file which will need to be completed. This file will need to be completed per event, meaning 1 csv file for 1 event.  The information on this document will be First Name, Last Name and Email address.  The file names, are required to be the title and/or date of the event.  This is to ensure the correct registrants are uploaded to the correct event.
  3. When they are completed, please then send them to WorkCast to be uploaded. The time frame for this is 500 registrations per 24 working hours.


Once all relevant steps above are complete, your events are then ready to go.  You can then begin the redirect process for your viewers.

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