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Webinar Migrations

This document details the process of migrating previous events from an alternative provider/platform, over to WorkCast.

Migration of all events can commence once we have created a Master Template and this has been fully approved.

The migration of events is chargeable so please speak to your Account Manager to discuss this.

Migration of events include the following overall timeframes:

10 events per 5 working days (this may change depending on the exact requirements. Your Account Manager will be able to provide an exact timeline)

The migration of events includes the following:

  • Set up of registration and/or auditorium pages
  • Title
  • Date/time if required
  • Overview Text
  • Presenter/Speaker/Host/Moderator information
  • Sponsor images/links
  • Media upload
  • Splash/Holding slide upload
  • If communication emails are required.
  • Full check of the event by a WorkCast associate
  • Any Integration as per service agreement

Initial Set-Up

  1. You are required to advise the number of events needed for migration. Please do this by contacting and CC'ing your Account Manager.
  2. We require the above-listed information to be within this email. So we would recommend attaching a password protected spreadsheet to the email that has all of the information in. 

    WorkCast will then work on creating all of the events for you and attaching the information/media that has been provided to us. 

    Reviewing your events

    1. After we have created your events and added in all of the information provided, we will confirm via email and you are able to log into the account with your Producer/Host user and can review each event. 

     Adding your registrations (this step is not always required)

    1. Once the events are created fully, and you have reviewed and approved them all, you can then begin the bulk upload process (if registrations are required)
    2. You will follow the bulk upload guide, here
    3. Note if you are bulk uploading registrants, if the confirmation email is active, those registrants will receive a confirmation email. 

    Once complete you can then promote your new event links as you would like to.