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How to start/stop the broadcast

How to change your display name 

How to hide your webcam 

How to screenshare

Settings needed for Mac users 

How to share a video

How to start / stop the broadcast

Any Producer users within the studio will see a broadcast option to the top right of the screen.

This will be greyed out until you are connected within My Connections pod whereby it will change to green

A popup reminder will appear 1 minute prior to your scheduled broadcast time for all users.

Once you are happy to broadcast live to the audience, click Broadcast.  You will see the button then change to β€œBroadcast Starting” as the studio connects. 

All users within the studio will then hear a voiceover  advising "live streaming is on". You are now broadcasting live to the auditorium and you will notice the button has changed to red with β€˜Stop broadcast’ 

When your event has concluded click the 'Stop Broadcast' button to disconnect. All users within the studio will hear the voiceover advise "live streaming has stopped" 

Your broadcast has now concluded. 


Note: Please ensure you click Stop Broadcast in the top right of the Studio, rather than just disconnecting from the My Connections pod. Until the broadcast is stopped this will continue to play out in your auditorium.


How to change your display name

There are three ways in which you/your presenters can change your display name. 

  1. Upon entering the WorkCast Interactive Studio the My Connections pod will load into the Studio Lobby. Here you can edit your display name by clicking into the text box.

  2. If you’ve already clicked to join My Connections from the Studio Lobby and have your Webcam active: Locate your thumbnail to the top right of my connections. Click on your name. You can now edit the text.

  3. If you’ve already clicked to join My Connections from the Studio Lobby and your webcam is not active: Click the three dots on the my connection control bar and then select settings. In the pop up click into the profile tab. You can now change your name in the display name section. Once done, click ok

How to hide your camera

To hide your webcam simply click the webcam icon in the My Connections control bar. The icon will then show a diagonal line through it and your webcam will disappear from view. To reactivate, click the icon again. 

The WorkCast studio, unlike other conferencing tools, allows you to be completely hidden from view. This can result in a cleaner experience for your audience who will see only those with their webcam activated.  This is especially helpful should sponsors wish to be present in the studio. 

Speaker / presenter view - When you/someone hides their camera, their thumbnail will disappear from the thumbnail section to the right and all other thumbnails will move up. 

Tile view - When you/someone hides their camera they will disappear and other webcams will resize and move to replace where their webcam was. 

Share your screen

To share your screen, click the Toggle Screenshare TV icon. You will then see a menu to choose what you wish to share. You can share your entire screen, an application window, or a browser tab.

If you do not see this, this may need to be allowed in your permissions.

View when using a Chrome browser                      View when using a Firefox browser

On the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, you may also see the option to Share system audio when you screenshare. Tick this box if you’d like to share the audio from your device (i.e a video you are playing or have embedded into your slides.

Selecting to sharing system audio will override your MUTE option especially if sharing a Chrome Tab.

Please note the following:

  • The audio from your computer will be shared in the My Connections pod and therefore with the audience if broadcasting.
  • Muting yourself in the My Connections pod will also mute the media audio for the audience. We would recommend using a headset that has a physical mute button to mute your microphone to reduce any background noise.
  • All other presenters will have to ensure they are also muted during this time to avoid any background noise.
  • The quality of any video is dependent on the internet connection. For longer videos or higher resolution videos, we would recommend using the Share Video option. 

Note: the quality of the screenshare and presenter's webcam video is dependent on their internet connection.


To stop screen sharing you can click back onto the TV icon in the my connection controls or click Stop Sharing on the small pop up on your screen.

Share your screen using a Mac

When trying to screen share on a Mac, the following message might be seen or screen sharing does not appear to work at all.

The security settings on the Mac just need permission in order to share the screen via Google Chrome. This would be the same for any application that they used and is part of the Mac settings.

  • Click the Apple in the upper left-hand corner of the screen
  • System Preferences
  • Security & Privacy
  • Click the Privacy tab at the top of the dialog box
  • Scroll down on the left-hand side of the screen to Screen Recording
  • Check the box next to Chrome
  • You will be alerted to quit Chrome before the change can take place
  • Then restart Chrome

How to share a video

Reminder - All presenters will automatically be muted however if you have a presenter who has dialled into the studio they must mute themselves. 

    • Copy the URL for your MP4 file or YouTube video. This could be from the Media section of your WorkCast account if you are a Producer or from another source.
    • Locate and click the three dots from your My Connections pod Control bar. 
    • From the menu click the 'Share a video'

  • In the pop up paste your previously copied URL and click Share. 

Once the share button has been clicked the video will automatically begin to play.

As you can see above, the person who shared the video can pause, adjust the volume and skip through the media should you wish to. 

To stop the video, locate and click the three dots from your My Connections pod 

Control bar. You will now see β€˜Stop Video’ as an option. 


For more information on how β€˜Share a Video’ Works and recommendations please click here 


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