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Different options for using your own Event Auditorium

This is an article which will go through the different options you have if you do not want to use a WorkCast Auditorium page.

Producer+ and Enterprise clients have the option to use their own auditorium page.

Below are the different options you have, all of which would primarily need to be set up by yourselves.


You have the option to embed your event player window onto a website of your choosing, that you do have advanced access to. 

When you embed, you still log in to the WorkCast presenter studio and present the event, but the event player window will play on your website that you have embedded it into and within the WorkCast auditorium event page. 

So you need to ensure you promote the correct link to ensure audience members watch on the page you intend them to watch on.

For more information on how to set up embed, please click here

HubSpot Embed

HubSpot embed is specific to embedding your event within HubSpot.

There are 2 options for this.

Please click on the words for a guide on each.

Standard HubSpot embed

Advanced HubSpot embed