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Book a WorkCast Premium (Managed) Event Session

Use our new automated booking tool to check availability and book in your Premium Managed Supported Event session (This includes live events, tech checks and pre-records).*

 *Please note your licence MUST have agreed capacity prior to booking. Reach out to your account manager to discuss a upgrade or purchase you have no agreed capacity in your licence 

The earlier the session is booked the more likely your desired date will be available.

For a Pre-record would suggest this to be around 2 weeks prior to the live event date but no less than 1 week before the live event date. This will allow time for review and editing of the media. 

We recommend booking technical checks to be delivered in at least 2 - 3 working days before the live event date to keep information fresh in presenters' minds. 

Please ensure that you and your speakers note to allow 30 minute prior to your live event time for the pre-call (not required for tech checks or pre-records). You will receive a confirmation email where you will have the option to add to your own calender. We would suggest you add 30 mins if booking in a live event to the start for the pre call and then you can use this to invite your speakers if you wish. Please note this isn't used by WorkCast as we have a alternative calendar entry system. 

If you do not see the availability you would like, need to book a multi-session  event or have further questions please contact

For a session which is part of the a  Project Managed support service reach out


Cancellation Policy

  • To cancel or reschedule please email
  • If your event is cancelled then a 30% of your premium supported event fee may be applied to your account.
  • If your event is cancelled within 24 hours of the live date then 100% of the premium support fee may be applied.

To view the full Premium Supported Process please follow