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Event security and access control

Last updated August 17, 2017

The WorkCast Platform has a wide selection of webinar security options depending on how you want your viewing audience to gain access to your online event.

Access for attendees can be broken down into 3 key methods

  • Pre-registration events
  • Auditorium Authentication events
  • Anonymous Access Events

Pre-registration events

These events use the WorkCast registration process and allow users to pre-register for the event. When setting up the event the WorkCast Platform will create a registration page link for use in all event promotion.

Users can register which starts a workflow of details and reminder emails leading up to the live event. The workflow in this instance would be;


Registration Form - this is your branded page which can include any questions you wish to ask to those signing up

Bulk upload of registrations - if you already have a list of registrants for the event you can bulk upload them to your event so they join the workflow at point 3 in the above image.  More information can be found on bulk uploads here (please note, it is your responsibility to confirm that your data set conforms to relevant data protection rules).

Emails - these can be configured to go as and when required in the build up to the event to encourage attendance

Live Event Page - this is set up with authentication so users confirm their details before attending the event.  This can include access codes as well as email confirmation.

Reports - Full reporting is available in the platform throughout this workflow

Auditorium Authentication events

These events bypass the pre-registration process detailed above and send users directly to the auditorium page for the live event. You are still able to capture information about users but only at point of entry, they cannot pre-register and receive reminder emails.

For auditorium access events you can ask any or all of the following questions only at point of entry

  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • Job Title
  • Telephone
  • Address

Full attendance reporting is available post event

Anonymous Access Events

Events can be set up to allow viewers straight into the auditorium page without authentication or completing their details.

These events capture viewer numbers and statistics.  Viewers are given an anonymous tag so you can track their behaviour but will not be able to see who they are.


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